A girl who had long, brown hair was waiting at the station of the subway. She was putting herself at ease. She was called Linda.
All right. Today is the day. Nothing is going to change my plans, today everything will work out just fine.

She had worked to this day for the last month, making sure everything would work out just fine. Everything, every step she would make towards him, would be planned carefully by herself and her best friend, Anne, who had helped her along.
Together, they planned it so that Murphy's Law wouldn't apply itself to their little plan to bring her together with Oliver. He was a black-haired, shy guy.
Linda and Anne knew Murphy's Law way too well: Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

They were victims of that every day. Missing the subway just when you were late for it and wanted to arrive in time for school, or your father's car runs out of petrol just when he has to take you to the Valentine's Ball and there is no tank station near…
But, not this day. No, Linda was certain of it that this was the day things would go just as she planned them. She would evade Murphy's Law.

It was Saturday in summer and it was hot.
Linda knew Oliver would take the subway to his favourite hobby, swimming. He would take the subway at eight fifteen and Linda would be there to 'accidentally' end up in the same train. They were in the same class and they knew each other just fine.
Linda had fallen in love with Oliver. It was something that just… happened. It was from the first day to the next that she just knew she was in love with Oliver. She knew she had been in love with him way before that, but she never realized it until that point.

That was three months ago and Linda had decided to take the next step. She knew she would never dare to ask him in class, so she made sure she would 'accidentally' stumble on him out of class, in the subway.
There, they would travel together and Linda would 'accidentally' slip something that Oliver would understand.
Oliver was really sharp in those things and would continue on it, wondering why. Linda would redden and say hesitantly that she had fallen in love with him.
If it was replied, Linda didn't know. She was going to find that out, however.

So, everything will be fine. Don't worry, Lin, don't worry… she put herself at ease. She had even made sure delays would work in the process. If Oliver missed the train, it didn't matter; Linda was going to walk through it and check if he was there. If he wasn't, she'd get out of the train and wait until the next one. And the next one, and the next one, and so on until finally, Oliver would be in one of the trains.

Even if swimming would be cancelled, Anne would call her because she was also swimming, and she would know and they would switch to plan B.
Everything would go just fine. Linda knew it, she was sure of it.
But why did that stupid subway have to come so late? She was already waiting there for over five minutes and still, nothing had come. Finally, she heard a voice.

Please Lin, please answer the phone… Anne thought desperately. She had to talk to Linda and she had to do it now. She dialled Linda's phone number and waited for the phone to be answered…
"Ladies and gentlemen. Unfortunately, a train has crashed on another one just two stops before this one. This means all trains will leave from the other side of the station." Linda said some curse words and ran to the other side, not hearing her phone buzzing and ringing because she was so focused on this unexpected delay…

A train was standing on the other side of the station just about to leave. Linda ran to it, panting, and wanted to get it. She already saw the doors closing and ran a little faster. She had to make it in time, what if Oliver was in there?

Finally, panting heavily, she made it, but it was close. After giving herself ten seconds to catch her breath, she walked through the three wagons the train had. Of course, she had to switch through wagons, but that was no problem, though it took her three stops to have walked through the train in its fullness.
But Oliver wasn't there.

Again, Linda said some curse words. Cursing wasn't like her, but she was very nervous. Finally, three stops after she went in the subway, she stepped out of it and waited for the next one. Because she was so busily walking around, she didn't hear Anne's second attempt to call her…

Come on Lin… please… answer now… Anne grew more desperate. Their whole plan had gone wrong. Again, she dialled Linda's number and waited for her voice to answer the phone. But another voice replied.
"I'm sorry. You have run out of credit. Please call…" Anne cursed her phone and ran to her mother.
"Sorry, where's your phone?" Anne asked out of breath.
"Your father took it with him, why?" Anne cursed as loudly as she could and ran back into the house.

Her father never wanted to buy a mobile phone, so he always borrowed her mother's. There was absolutely no way she could let Linda know what she wanted to tell her. She grabbed her jacket and knew there was only one way to reach Linda.

Five trains.
Five times walking through all the wagons the trains had and none of them contained Oliver. Linda was tired and was already at the stop where Oliver was supposed to be and said to herself she just had to wait for him there.
She checked everyone at the exit of the stop to see if Oliver was among them, but she wasn't that lucky. She had been there for over an hour now.
Finally, she heard a voice shout her name.

"LINDA!" Full of excitement, she looked at the crowd, trying to find the owner of the voice who had to be Oliver… but Oliver wasn't the owner. It was Anne.
"What are you doing here?" She asked her in confusion. Anne panted when she reached to Linda. "Why are you here?" She repeated. Anne took a deep breath, taking in as much air as she could.

"The teacher is ill. Swimming is off." Anne's eyes widened when she heard the bad news.
"And you couldn't call me?" She asked her, mad.
"I had no credit left. My mother's mobile was borrowed by my father and we don't have a house phone." Linda cursed. And she cursed again, as loudly as she could. All the time she spent in evading Murphy's Law was lost.
The law has to be adjusted, Linda thought.
Everything that can and can't go wrong, will go wrong.

Oliver heard the bell ring and opened the door to find Linda, his gorgeous classmate, standing in front of him.
"Hey," he said a little awkwardly. He hadn't seen this coming; he didn't expect Linda to be in front of his door.

"Hey," she replied. "Can I come in?" A bit flabbergasted, he replied 'sure' and let her pass. She hung her coat on the coat rack and walked to the living room. Oliver was home alone, so no one was there to ask questions – fortunately. He noticed she was panting and she didn't look too happy.
"What's wrong?" He asked. Linda seemed to ignore him.
"Do you have anything to drink?" Linda's heart was racing. She didn't dare it anymore… plan B was failing as well. She didn't have the guts when she was at his house. Oliver replied he had lemonade if she wanted that. She thanked him and drank some.

"Why are you here?" He asked, and repeated "What's wrong?" Linda sighed. Her heart was racing ever the more now he asked it again. And still, she didn't have the guts to make a small mention. Of course, she couldn't get the conversation fluent enough this way to drop something 'accidentally.'
"Never mind," Oliver said, apparently reading her emotions on her face. "Sit down. Want something to eat? I have cookies," Linda nodded and thanked.

Oliver was in the kitchen, trying to find the cookies, but trying not to find them too soon, because, in the kitchen, he had a view that was all the better of this beautifully brown-haired gorgeous girl. And he was wondering what this perfect girl was doing at his doorstep and now even in his house.
He had fallen in love with her long ago but never had the guts to say anything about it to her. He never even had the guts to just talk to her in a normal conversation and normally ended up just avoiding her. And now, she was standing on his doorstep? This day couldn't get any better.

But why was she there? Oliver looked in the next cupboard and found – to his disappointment – the cookies. He grabbed them and walked over to Linda.

"Here are the cookies," he said, coming back in the room, awakening Linda from her daydreams. Oliver knew he had to be quick now to make Linda tell why she was here – his brother was coming home in half an hour, so he had to hurry.
He watched her eat one cookie and wondered how someone could eat a cookie that beautifully. He was head-over-heels in love.
When she was done, he opened his mouth.

"Why are you here?" He asked once again. His heart was racing and so was Linda's. She took a deep breath.
"Nothing just came by to see how you were doing and other things and I was just interested in you and…" Linda's nervousness made her say all kinds of things that didn't make sense while her head became as red as a tomato.
Suddenly, Oliver had done the math.
The love of your life on your doorstep plus her going red as soon as you ask why she's here equals someone who has a crush on you.
He looked at her and knew it was now or never. He opened his mouth after having silenced Linda with a gesture of his hand.
"You know…" Oliver began hesitantly, "I have something to tell you." He couldn't hesitate. Not now. It was now or never.

Linda was lying in Olivers arms as they watched a movie together, kissing about every minute.
Perhaps, though, a more correct description would be that they were kissing while the movie delivered some nice background sounds. Oliver was still wondering if this wasn't accidentally a dream and he was going to weak up soon. Linda was glad everything turned out for the best.
Oliver heard his mobile phone buzzing and he checked. He smiled when he read the text message.
"My brother isn't coming home yet; he went to a friend's house. My parents won't be home until five o'clock, which is in three hours." Linda smiled.
Finally, Murphy's Law didn't apply for one second.
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