That night had begun no different than any other. Family and friends were getting together, getting drunk, laughing up a storm and dancing their cares away. The atmosphere was not unlike the previous parties. I, who was barely 13, sat on a couch staying quietly out of place. Adults often stopped to make small talk. I smiled and nodded when I needed to, but mostly watched the unfolding scenes.

Then my eyes drifted to him. My gaze rested peacefully on that boy, much older than I had been. His dark hair complimented his dark eyes. Those were probably what got me. His chocolate brown eyes were as dark and deep as the night's sky. He noticed me noticing him and a bright smile suddenly kissed his lips. He waved at me and I could barely wrap my mind around it. I almost forgot how to breathe. In and out, I reminded myself. Slowly, he walked over and all I could manage was a meek smile.

"Hey," He smiled warmly, "Are you having fun?"

"Yeah, loads." My voice came out weaker than I'd anticipated, "Why haven't I seen you around before?" Praying that he actually heard me, I waited for an answer.

"It's my first party here. Our families just started to get to know one another." He plopped down next to me on the sofa.

"These are pretty fun. Everyone here is so wonderful." My eyes scanned his gorgeous body, "I hope I get to see more of you." I smiled, letting some tension alleviate.

"What's your name?"

"I'm Christa Cole and yourself?"

"Jason Paul." He name was sensational. Shivers ran up and down my spin. Jason's smiling face welcomed me, perhaps beckoned me. He and I spent that first night together chatting, laughing and having fun. Everything was simple in the good ol' days.

Jason and I began talking more frequently. He recited stories about ex-girlfriends, high school, sports, friends and anything else that happened to wander through his mind. I poured out stories of middle school, gymnastics, dances, crushes (some on me and some by me) and everything I thought he might want to hear about. We spent weekends watching movies or chilling at the mall. Jason kept me happy.