Becoming Morgan

As Morgan approached the house, she noticed an eerie silence encompassing her neighborhood. She walked to her door and searched for her key.

"Where are they?" She muttered to herself. When her keys didn't reveal themselves, she knocked on the door. It swung open with a creak.

"Mom?" Morgan called, "Dad?" Her voice echoed through the house, piercing the deathly silence.

Every light in the house was off and darkness enveloped the space. Morgan stumbled around searching for a light switch. A small bit of fear and anxiety squirmed inside her. She did her best to calm herself.

"Guys? I'm home." She called, listening for the reverberation of her words. Finally, a light clicked on beneath her fingers. She sighed, the living room appeared quite peaceful.

Once upstairs she saw a light, just a sliver, peaking out from beneath her parents' door. A shadow passed by it and she felt a rush of relief.

"Hey guys," She smiled and pushed the door open. A dark figure shoved passed her and knocked her down before racing down the stairs and out the front door. She pulled herself up slowly, as fear nearly paralyzed her. Step by step she walked into the room.

On the bed laid her father, covered in blood, having either been shot or stabbed. His eyes were open, frozen in terror and his hand clutched his wound. Morgan gasped as her eyes widened in horror. Her mother leaned against the bed with her knees pulled to her chest. A single bullet hole pierced the side of her head and blood poured down her body. Fear seized Morgan and she stumbled back against the wall. The breath in her lungs disappeared and tears fell from her eyes. She slid to the ground, sobbing, before letting the darkness take control.