"The one I killed most recently was Fredrick. He was older than any of the others. He was probably in his mid thirties. It was so funny. I got him in pain daylight in front of his own home. All I did was wait for him to get ready to get out of the car and I pricked him in the neck with a little sedative and boom, he's asleep. I didn't bind him down like I did with the others. I wanted to see if I could get him in a fair fight. Well, I put him in a room with a bed and a barred window. After I killed Scarlet I made my way toward Fred's room. Unfortunately for me, I never got to test my fighting skills, because as soon as I stepped into the room the idiot tripped backward and hit his head on the wall."

"Well, I took him into the bathroom with the largest tub and began to fill the tub. I tossed him in," the man paused to smile at Daniel's fear, "At the top of the tub I had a heavy cinder block attached to a short chain with a dog collar. I wrapped the collar around poor Fred's neck and left, waiting for him to wake up. When he did, I have no idea what he did. Perhaps he tried to escape; perhaps he didn't wake up and drowned peacefully. I like to think he thrashed and got upset and then died quite painfully. But you see I had to go out and find someone. And that turned out to be you. So I left him there to die. When I got back, he was dead." Daniel almost smiled at the idea of Fred not waking up and dying while he was asleep. The man shot up at Daniel and missed his ear by an inch. Daniel's eyes grew wide and he almost screamed.

"Why are you smiling, boy?" The man asked.

"I just hoped that Fredrick drowned when he was asleep." He whispered.

"Probably not. I mean that water was damn cold. He probably woke up a few moments after I left." The man stood up and stretched before he stared wildly at Daniel.

"You see, Daniel, I am victim just as much as Marshall, Linsey, Scarlet, Fredrick and you."

"You're not a victim you're a murderer!" Daniel cried, realizing he'd just made a huge mistake. Any chance of keeping his life was gone. The man slammed against Daniel and poked the gun at his head again.

"What did I tell you about interrupting me?" The man hissed. His good eye was infested with a crazed obsession. "Hm?" He poked him with the gun once more.

"I – I'm sorry." Daniel began to cry. The man backed off and stared at Daniel, in disgust.

"Don't cry." He scoffed. Daniel stifled his sobs and glanced up at the man. The man rotated the revolver in his hands, staring at it in awe.

"As I was saying, I am a victim as well. You see, Daniel, if I were a sane man, if I were not a victim would I enjoy killing? No. If I were someone normal with an untainted brain, I would not enjoy this murderous game as much as I do. But I'm not. I am a victim. I'm a victim of insanity, a victim of defect, a victim of the doctors, and a victim of society. I'm a victim of God. I am a victim and I've grown tired of living this way. Any attempt I've ever made at normalcy has failed. So tonight I plan on taking my final victim and praying for normalcy." A tear formed in the man's eye. He raised the gun and pointed it at Daniel, who winced and closed his eyes. He focused on repeating a pray over and over in his mind while he listened for the gunshot.

Then he heard it and felt nothing. Daniel was mystified. He opened his eyes and realized he wasn't shot. His gaze fell to the mass on the floor. It was the man dead on the floor. He'd shot himself in the head with the final bullet in the revolver. The door to the room creaked and swung shut. Daniel stared into the darkness as the smell of death permeated the air infiltrating Daniel's nostrils. He yanked on the chains attaching him to the wall and they didn't budge. Daniel's eyes searched the darkness for a signal and found nothing. He sighed and hung his head in shameful despair. His own sobs echoed through the silence as he realized the man had left him there to die.