His night was spent scribbling and scratching notes by midnight's moonlight. Screams echoed from the floor above below while moans escaped from the floor above. Snores of his mundane parents tiptoe through the apartment. After a momentary pause, he returned to his work etching in the final details of visions he'd had forced upon him that night.

Smothered in cold sweat, Patrick realized he'd been a victim to another night of Knox's nightmares. Dahlia smiled at him from her chair in the corner of his room. He relaxed a bit. It had been his first day at his new high school. His parents had promised that it would be there final move.

Slowly, he prepared himself for the day. Climbing into his clothes, Dahlia closed her eyes as she always did. She had made her way in the previous night and sat, waiting for Patrick. He stumbled down the stairs and grabbed his bag.

Outside the warm autumn air blew the hair from his eyes. Dahlia trailed behind, smiling. A giant yellow deathtrap, modernly called a school bus, rounded the corner before stopping sharply in front of Patrick's apartment building. He smiled over his shoulder and whispered, "New day, new school and brand new start."

Patrick flowed through the day easily. Dahlia seemed to be a adjusting as well. She and Patrick didn't discuss it much in school. However, after school conversation poured from their lips.

As they walked back into Patrick's apartment Patrick spoke of students, welcoming countenances and possibilities of friendship. Whereas Dahlia raved about classes, teachers and opportunity for excellence.

"My art class looks quite promising," chuckled Patrick.

"Hm," Dahlia looked lost in thought, "I think I prefer the history class. It seems much more enjoyable."

Patrick's mother trudged into the room, glass of brandy in hand.

"Hey mom," smiled Patrick. Dahlia waved.

"Hello. How was school?"

"Great." The two replied in unison.

"Glad to hear it." Her words slurred a bit, "Your fa – father will be home later tonight. He says that he hoped you had a wonderful day and can't wait to hear about your first day as a junior." His mother glanced out the large window, which the sun shined brightly through. She sighed and downed her last bit of brandy. Patrick and Dahlia raced upstairs and burst through his door, laughing the entire time.

"So, Patty, what's the prediction for this year? Shall we have another episode?"

"I think I'm going to really like this place. There's a girl, Audrey, I think. She seems really sweet."

"Oh," Dahlia smiled, "Wasn't she the one in chemistry?"

"Yeah, she sat behind me."

"Right." Dahlia marveled, "She was a cutie."

Patrick blushed and said, "No outbursts, okay? Don't make a scene."

"Alright," she almost whined with a smile, "I'll behave." Patrick stared as her white dress fluttered in the breeze blowing in from the cracked window. The feathery wings that were always attached to her shimmered and her blonde hair glowed in the orange glow of the sun. The sun began to sink below the horizon. A look of despair played upon Patrick's face. Minutes ticked by as he soaked up time with Dahlia. She stood up and embraced the last few moments of warmth.

"You leavin'?" Patrick asked with a sad smile.

"I'll be around." Dahlia replied and disappeared out of Patrick's doorway.