I started writing this story way before i made my author name on fictionpress, i never really thought i'd post this story on here. but i recently revised it and decided to put it up here, so please tolerate the fact that my author name is Jasey Rae and one of the characters in my story's name is Jasey.

This story hits close to home. To Write Love On Her Arms is an organization close to my heart. It's inspired me to have the dreams I have today.

it's hard to put feelings into words, the english language is so restricting. I did the best i could with these harsh feelings of self hate that everyone feels once and awhile, some stronger than others. i hope this story can spread the hope that i've learned to love to people who need it more than i do.

Rescue is possible, and with each other, we can stop the bleeding.

Chapter One


"Let me see it," I ordered her. Jasey just shook her head, glaring up at me with those piercing blue eyes. Her hand was still covering her nose. "Jasey, it could be broken," I said with a sigh, and she rolled her eyes.

"I'm fine," She said in a nasally voice, one unlike her normal musical voice.

"Come outside, you look a little pale," I said, and she didn't fight my grip on her arm. I pulled her out of the house and onto the front lawn. It was dark out, but the lights from inside were shining through the windows, showering the lawn with enough light to see Jasey's face.

"I'm alright, I've had worse," She said, pulling her hand away from her nose. I leaned in and looked at her nose. Already there was bruising running up her nose and onto her forehead.

"I think it's broken," I said, making a face and she rolled her eyes.

"It's not," She said dryly. "What the hell am I going to tell my parents?" She demanded.

"Well, not the truth," I said, and she gave me a hard push. Of course she couldn't tell her parents what really happened.

She snuck out to meet me and her brother at the house party. A band from our high school was playing, and Jasey didn't want to miss it. I thought I would have to babysit her all night, her being fourteen, but she's one of the most experienced fourteen year olds I've ever met. When the moshing started, she jumped right in there, holding her own. Then some smart ass took a swing at her.

"Think you can drive me home?" She asked, wiping her blood covered hand on her shirt.

"Yeah. Is Josh coming with you?" I asked.

"Yeah, he's coming now," She said, looking up at the house, and sure enough, Josh came walking out the door. Sometimes the twin telepathy thing between them freaked me out.

"I know," Jasey said heatedly as Josh came up to us.

"I know you know," Josh said tiredly. He stood next to Jasey with his arms crossed; taking advantage of the inch he had on her. He stared down at her with his eyebrows raised.

"Know what?" Jared asked as he came down the lawn behind Josh. Jared's my best friend, he's Jasey and Josh's older brother.

"Know that if I can wrinkle my nose, then it's not broken. I have broken my nose before," Jasey said with a scoff and a look at Jared.

"Yeah, that was my bad," Jared said guiltily. He pulled out his pack of cigarettes and stuck one in his mouth.
"He hit me with a baseball bat," Jasey explained as we walked over to my car. That was three years ago," She said.

"I was thirteen, I just made the baseball team and I was practicing in the backyard. She came from behind and scared the shit out of me, it was an accident," Jared said as we got in my car.

I pulled the cigarette out of his mouth and tossed it on the ground before I started the car.

"No smoking in here," I said firmly.

"No smoking at all, please," Josh said from the back seat.

"Shut up," Jared sighed as I pulled away from the curb.

"We do, you haven't heard anything from mom and dad, have you?" Jasey said.

"Thanks kid, I appreciate it. They'll shoot me if they ever find out I'm smoking," Jared said. "And if they do find out, I have plenty of shit on you," He turned and said to Jasey.

"I only had one sip," She said lightly.

"Yeah, but it was still a sip," Jared said in a sing song voice.

"Josh!" Jasey exclaimed, and I turned to figure out what was going on.

"Keep your eyes on the road, it's just more of their telepathy stuff," Jared said.

"How often do they do that?" I asked.

"Often. You get used to it after awhile," Jared said, brushing his dark blonde hair out of his face. He was like an older clone of Josh, but with longer hair, and he was taller. "Shawn, stop here, we have to drop them off so they can sneak back in," Jared said, and I pulled the car to a stop a block away from their house.

The street was pitch-black because of the trees blocking the moonlight. It freaked me out how dark it got up here in the mountains. I turned off the car and opened the door. "Dude, what are you doing?" Jared asked.

"Walking them home," I said, closing the door behind me. "You can stay here if you want,"

"Fine," Jared whined, getting out the car. We weren't really used to having Josh and Jasey with us.

Usually they stayed home with their younger siblings, but lately they've been coming with us to concerts and parties. I always walked them home when they snuck out because it was creepy out there at night.

The four of us walked down the street, staying close together. I think we were all freaked out from the dark, especially with the huge trees blowing around in the wind, making weird shadows in the streets

"How's your nose doing?" I asked Jasey, looking down at her tiny 5 foot 1 frame.

"Better. It stopped bleeding," She said. "Are you going to that concert next week?" She asked me.

"Are you going?" I asked nonchalantly. I heard Jared make a puking noise from behind me.

"Yeah, I think I am," She said, pulling her long blonde hair back in a ponytail.

"Cool," I said with a smile.

"Jasey, let me go first," Josh said as we walked up to the side of their house. He started to climb up the large pine tree next to their house.

"Night Jasey, see you tomorrow," I said. She gave me a little wave before she started up the tree.

"I'll give you guys five minutes, then I'm coming home, alright?" Jared said as he lit another cigarette. We waited until we saw Jasey and Josh climb onto the roof and into their windows.

"So where's Mikey tonight?" Jared asked, pulling his blonde hair away from his face.

"He's at your house tonight, he's hanging out with Jayden and Jordan," I said.

"That kid lives at our house," Jared said with a laugh. My younger brother was the same age as another pair of the Champ twins, Jayden and Jordan. "He's cool though, he fits right in," Jared added. He coughed out a mouthful of smoke, then glanced over at me. "We need to talk," He said stiffly.

"What are you dumping me or something?" I asked, and he rolled his eyes.

"You need to stop hitting on my sister," He said, and I looked around innocently. "I have four other brothers, but she's my only sister. And she's fourteen years old, find someone your own age. You can have anyone our age," Jared added under his breath.

I knew I could pretty much get any girl I wanted, but of course I had to go after the one girl I couldn't have. It's always like that, the girls out of reach are always more attractive. Jasey was exactly like that. Sure, she's younger, but she's a firecracker.

"What about the girl in North Carolina? The one that came up with that other kid to visit you that one time," Jared asked as we got into my car. "She was pretty hot, right?" He added, glancing at me.

"She came to visit three years ago, how do you remember that?" I asked incredulously.

"Because I thought she was hot," Jared laughed. "She was the surfer girl, right?" He asked, putting out his cigarette before he closed the door. I started the car and drove slowly down the street.

"Yeah, she is," I said. I drove up to the Champ's house, the big house on the corner. They had a huge front lawn and a long wide driveway, which is where Jared and I were always skateboarding.

"Are you picking Mikey up?" Jared asked as he got out of the car.

"Yeah, can you send him out?" I asked.

"See you tomorrow," Jared said. He walked up the driveway to his front porch, and then disappeared inside. I sighed and turned on the radio. Going home was always my least favorite part of the night, but not for reasons people might think.

"Dude, Jasey and Josh snuck out?" Mikey exclaimed as he jumped in the car next to me. It scared the shit out of me how fast this kid was growing up. He looked exactly like me when I was that age, except Mikey has a lot more baby fat that I did.

He has the same black hair as me, same pale skin and blue eyes.

"Yeah, don't tell though," I said.

"Too late, Jasey got caught," He said, and I turned to look at him. His blue eyes were lit up with excitement. "I don't think she'll get in trouble though, don't worry," He added. "Hey Shawn, do we have to go home?" He asked, glancing over at me.

"We don't have to, but we should," I said slowly, turning into my neighborhood.

"Where can we go? Can we sleep at the skate park?" He asked and I held back a laugh.

"You can stay there if you want, I can drop you off," I said, and he shook his head.

"I guess Mom would want us to come home, right?" Mikey asked quietly.

"Yeah, she would," I sighed, pulling into our driveway. Our house was considerably smaller than the Champ's house, but we also had four less kids than they had.

Our house was more modern, while their house had all wooden floors and creaked when it was windy.

"Is Dad home?" Mikey asked me as we walked up to the front door and went inside. There was a loud crash that made us both jump.

"Mikey, go upstairs to my room and lock the door," I said quietly, and Mikey ran up the stairs. Then my dad came out of the kitchen.

"What the hell are you doing?" My dad asked as he stared at me. His tall figure blocked the light coming from the kitchen.

"I was just going up to bed," I said, and I started to walk to the stairs.

"You answer me when I ask you a question," He said loudly. He took a step forward. He was still wearing his work clothes.

"I did, I'm going to bed," I said a little louder.

"Don't talk to me with a tone," He ordered, waving his fist at me. I needed to get out of there fast, or else-BAM.

I stumbled back and fell on the stairs, holding my jaw. My dad took a step back, his fist still out.

It felt like the bottom half of my mouth was going to fall off. I tried to open my mouth, but it caused too much pain.

"Go to bed," My dad ordered, going back to the kitchen.

I stood up, and after my head rush was gone, I started up the steps, trying to figure out if he broke my jaw.

I finally made it up the stairs and into my room. Mikey was sitting on my bed with a terrified look on his face.

I closed the door behind me and locked it.

"You're staying in here with me tonight," I said through gritted teeth to Mikey, and he nodded.

He reached under my bed to pull out the extra pillow and blankets I kept here for him. This wasn't the first time he stayed with me at night. It wasn't even the twentieth time. At least once or twice a week I had Mikey stay in my room, even though he always slept with his door locked same as me.

I felt like I could protect him best of he was right next to me.

So far my dad has never laid a hand on Mikey, but you just never know.

We got changed into pajamas in silence, and climbed into our beds. After a half an hour of sitting in my bed, I decided that my jaw wasn't broken.

If I was lucky, extremely lucky, there wouldn't even be a bruise. And maybe I would even be able to open my mouth tomorrow without experience eye-watering pain.

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look up the song----- Daniel, Where's the Boat? by Drop Dead Gorgeous. good song. In Vogue is definitely their best work.