As soon as we left the driveway, I felt better. I wasn't trapped anymore. I was on the road once again, I could continue to run away from everything. I was nowhere close to attempting suicide, that was over and done with, as long as I stayed on the road.

I started to burn my arms again.

It doesn't help as much as it used to. But I was addicted to the pain now.

No one knew about them, somehow I managed to keep my secret. That's how I wanted it.

I wanted to get through this by myself. If anyone knew about the burning, they would try to help me.

They would probably put me in some type of therapy, and they would watch over me nonstop. That's not what I needed.

But at the moment, I felt pretty damn good.

I can't explain the feeling that it gives me, being out on the road. Playing shows for kids. I meet people who have it much worse than me, and they manage to hold their heads up.

They give me confidence, and they help me hold my head up and write more music to share with them. They are my motivation to keep moving, to stay alive even.

We don't have many fans; after all, we only have five songs released on cd. But it's almost better that way.

We talk to each and every person, we can respond to every message we get online. That way I can connect with kids just like me, the ones who hide so much under their skin.

Those are the kids I write music for.

They are the ones that keep me going from day to day.

Now I was free to meet all of them, and help them find something in live that we all believe in or relate to.

I want to give those kids something that will put a smile on their face and save them from themselves.

A/N--- the end

ps- this story is a prologue for another story where Jasey is the main character. its important to know shawn's background in that one, so i'd thought i'd write a quick story about it. stay tuned for jasey's story, thanks for reading!