Working Girl part 2 – Unfinished business

This story will not make sense unless you have read Working Girl, part 1. This is to satisfy those readers who didn't like the ending of part 1

Cate takes her usual Saturday morning seat outside a cafe and orders a latte. She glances over to the adjacent park, her view occasionally obscured from the fitness freaks on bikes or roller blades.

She watched a small group of joggers coming towards the park and puts her sunglasses on. She picks up the breakfast menu to read. She raises her head over the menu watching the joggers slowed to a stop and stretched on the park lawns. The instructor was going through various stretches with the small group.

Cate caught her breath at the sight of Jo. She discovered by accident one morning that Jo had an exercise group that would stop in front of the cafe after their morning run.

Since their bust up 6 months ago, she thought she was getting on with life until that day when she laid eyes on her. Now every Saturday for last 3 weeks she had a usual booking just to catch sight of her ex-lover, without being noticed.

She quickly went back to reading her menu when Jo faced the cafe for a moment. Cate had a momentary look noticing everyone had left but one woman. A blonde haired woman seemed to be sharing in a private joke with Jo. Then the blonde did the unthinkable and reaches for Jo's water bottle. Cate smirked, she knew Jo hated anyone drinking from her bottle, she was very hygienic conscious. She remembers one day when someone at the gym had done that very same thing, Jo came home in a foul mood. She had offered to clean it, but Jo threw it away.

Cate's smirked turn to horror when not only the woman drank from the bottle, but Jo did as well. Cate's stitches on her slowly mending heart began to rip apart when they share a quick kiss. Cate felt sick all over again.

Cate zoned off after witnessing that moment, not even bothering to watch her ex-lover leave with her new girl friend. In fact she didn't even hear the voice call her name until the second time


Cate looked up surprised to see Jo standing next to her, dressed in her usual exercise attire, looking all hot and sweaty. She was still looking fit and delicious as ever. Cate felt a shiver go through her, and then the moment was broken.

"Why do you keep coming here?" Jo asked, hands on her hips

"I like the breakfast" Cate snapped a little too quickly " is there a law against that?" she asked sarcastically

Jo huffed "no.... just you never seem to order breakfast, you just sit and watch us."

Cate tossed her hair back and laughed over-exaggeratedly "maybe you should focus more on your class instead of what's happening over here. I am just enjoying some personal time."

Jo looked about not sure what more to say, but Cate had more and narrowed her eyes at Jo.

"You know what I don't understand Joanne. It took you 2 fucking years to get over your cheating girlfriend, and me not even 6 months before you take up with someone else. Wow, I am obviously easy to forget."

Jo looked around, feeling uncomfortable with Cate's barrage "Look Cate I didn't come here for this, I"

"Well then what did you come for Joanne. I don't need you watching over, it's good to know both of us have moved on with other people"


"That's right Jo, you are just as easy to get over." Cate just wanted the words to stop coming from her mouth.

Jo shrugged "forget it, I'm not listening to this. " and walks off

Cate gritted her teeth, cursing at herself. She didn't want it to be like this if they ever met again.

Jo headed off towards her car when she was called

"Wait Jo... please wait a minute"

Jo stopped and faced Cate, her eyes glaring "I'm not hanging around here just so you can continue to abuse me."

"I'm sorry for my behaviour, I apologise. I am happy.... that you have moved on. So have I, just not with anyone like I said."

Jo didn't offer any confirmation she had accepted Cate's apology "I have to go Cate" Jo walked off leaving her standing alone.

Jo got into her car, waiting was the blonde woman from Jo's class "who was that?" she asked

Jo didn't say anything, just put her seat belt on

"Jo" she insisted

"Claire.... she was just asking about my fitness classes. I don't think she was too interested"

"hmmmm really" she grabs Jo's face and kisses her "she actually seemed more interested in you, you hot, sexy thing"

Jo starts the car, and laughs "yeh right, ..... as if"


A few weeks gone by since their encounter, Jo had put Cate from her mind with the help of a personal threat by her cousin Simon of beating her if she even looked like she was thinking about Cate.

Jo was just finishing up at the gym when her mobile buzzed across her desk. She picked it up and groans at the name of the caller. She was going to ignore it, but Cate had never called her since their bust up.

"What is it Cate" in an unfeeling tone. That quickly changed to panic

"Calm down..... where are you..... ok ok, I'm on my way don't go anywhere......"

Jo raced over to Cate's apartment and up to her floor. The door was slightly ajar so Jo went in.

"Cate...." Jo walked into the bedroom aghast at the war zone. Cate's large mirror had been smashed into pieces, chair turned over and blood on the bed

"oh shit Cate" called Jo louder and in great fear. She heard a moan from the bathroom, went in. Her stomached dropped at the sight of Cate on the floor holding her bloody nose, her body and floor stained with blood

"Jezzus Christ.... what happen" Jo grabs a small hand towel, drops down in front of her and puts it gently too her nose. Cate collapsed into her sobbing. "shhhhh... ok ok... "soothed Jo

Jo sat Cate on the side of the bath while she went to the kitchen to get an ice pack. She took a deep breath and returned. Jo carefully removed the towel, now that her nose had stopped bleeding. She gently put the ice pack to the side of Cate's face but she pulled away

"that hurts.... it hurts"

"ok ok...." Jo looked her over. She had a split lip, nose was swollen and eye was bruising

"Bloody hell Cate what happen? Who did this to you?"

Cate didn't offer anything, just closed her eyes

"I'm calling the police" Jo went to stand

Cate grabbed her "Don't..... you can't"

"Why not"

"Because...... it's job related"

".... look at you. This has nothing to do with the job."

"Jo.... I can't.... I don't want to explain it to them, I don't want them poking into my business."

"Fucking hell Cate the guy did real a number on you." Jo could feel herself reaching boiling point, got up and threw her hands up in frustration and growled "damn it Cate"

"I'm sorry.... I know I shouldn't have.... I didn't know who else to call." Cries again

Jo wanted to throw her arms around Cate but this time stopped herself "where was your security. I did not see Donald on the door."

"Business is a bit slow at the moment and I had to let him go"

"aaaahhh Cate.... for fuck sake"

Cate burst into tears "will you stop yelling at me" she sobbed again.

Jo took a breath and closed her mouth. She sat next to her again "sorry.... I just..." she stopped when her phone rang. She got up and walked away from Cate and into the bedroom

"Hey.." she said nervously

Cate got up and leant against the door eavesdropping

"I'm.... ummm out having drinks with a few guys. Yeh shouldn't be too much longer. Hang on I'll get a pen." Spoke Jo in a low voice

Jo picked up the bedside table that had been turned over and opened it grabbing out a pen. She rests the phone against her shoulder and ear and wrote on the inside of her palm

"Ok... milk, bread...." Jo giggled "and a surprise for you. No worries I'll get all that. I won't be much longer, promise....... me... too.... bye"

Cate had a slight smile that Jo still knew where things were. She moved back and sat on the side of the bath again. Jo came in and surveyed the mess, her face gave away her sadness

"Hey it's not that bad" Cate looks in the mirror at her slowly, growing, hideous face "I could do with closing my legs for few weeks." She was trying to make light heart of the situation. Jo turned away and left the bathroom.

Cate slowly walked out to find Jo cleaning up the broken mirror

"I hope the arsehole gets 14 years bad luck, hope his fucking prick falls off." Jo growls

Cate folds her arms looking at her ex girlfriend. She was always so adorable when she got worked up over something. She recalls that their love making was always more intense when she was like that. She shudders at her recollections.


Jo was still hissing and moaning

"Joanne McFarlane go home before you get into trouble"

Jo stands up "Cate... it's ok"

Cate grabbed the broom from her "no it's not ok, I heard you lie to your girlfriend. I don't want to cause you anymore trouble. So go.... shoo"

Cate pushed her to the door

Jo made her way slowly before facing her "please tell me you are not going to see him again."

Cate didn't answer right away

"CATE" Jo almost screamed

"yes... I mean no...I will not have him back in this place. I promise, now go."

"At least hire security for when you have clients around."

Cate smiled and cocked her head to the side "you offering honey" Cate received a scowl look from Jo "Yes.... I will do that."

Jo got to her car and looked up at the apartment. She sighed, got in her car and drove off.

Cate watched Jo get into her car and she too sighed.