It was Saturday morning, Cate was making her way to her usual cafe. She had cancelled all her clients for the day, she just wasn't in the mood, something that had never ever happen to her before.

She doubted Jo would be giving the morning class after yesterday's emotional disaster. Cate still felt terrible and had wanted to call or text Jo all night to find out how she was. But she didn't.

She strolled towards her table when a waiter stopped her

"um Ms LaRue, your usual table... it is unavailable"

"What do you mean? I have a booking here every Saturday, I want my table"

"I can't, the person sat down and will not move, and quite adamant about it too"

Cate eyes flared, "adamant.... I want my table and I'll show you what adamant is"

Cate walked up to her usual table standing next to the person

"I have a booking at this table every Saturday morning, so you can go and sit somewhere else, but this is my table" Cate was almost manic about it.

The person rose and faced her "alright, keep your shirt on."


"I can see why you like it here, nice view" Jo sits in the opposite seat and orders two lattes

Cate was surprised not to mention speechless. She sat down "Jo.... what..... I mean how are you? how is Claire? I wanted to call, I meant to but I just thought." Cate felt like bursting into tears

Jo sat there not offering anything up. She leant forward and took off Cate's sunglasses and puts them in her bag. She took her own off and put them in her top pocket, just looking into Cate's moist eyes.

Cate was surprised Jo was so calm, in fact she looked fine. Her eyes weren't puffy, she was not slumping like she would do if she was upset. She was too alright.

"What happen with Claire, did you talk to her? Did you try and convince her it was just a fantasy."

The waiter bought their lattes, Jo took a sip and waited for Cate to be quiet.

"We talked.... she wanted to know about Cate and I couldn't tell her."

"Oh Jo.... you need to communicate more, you need to be up front and honest."

"I was in the end. She wanted to know if Cate was the reason why I was having intimacy problems and I said yes."

"For heaven's sake.... Joanne you could have been a little more tactful, that must have devastated her."

Jo nodded "she packed her things and left me" she took another mouthful

Cate reached across and grabbed Jo's hand "I'm sorry.... ummm" she withdrew her hand not sure what to do.

Jo took a breath gathering her thoughts. "No Cate I'm the one who's sorry. I'm sorry I walked out on you the way I did. I'm the one who's sorry for not communicating with you on how messed up I was feeling."

Cate wasn't expecting this

Jo eyes glistened "I am so sorry for hurting you. I regret not taking that week away and at least try to give us a chance to work things out." Jo's voice breaking

"Hey it's alright"

Jo shook her head "No Cate .... it's not alright. You don't treat someone you love like that. When Claire walked out last night I sat down and just went over all the things I should have months ago. I made myself try and deal with the notion that I had gotten over you, but I haven't, I can't, and as if I could in 6 months. I'm an absolute moron for even trying to convince myself of that."

Jo wiped her eyes and took some breaths to steady her voice "and most of all, I don't want to get over you Cate"

Cate was astounded by Jo's admission. "Jo what are you trying to say"

Jo stuttered for a moment, took a breath then continued

"I want to come back; I want you to take me back because I'm still in love you and I never stopped loving you." Jo wiped her eyes again as her tears flowed freely "I will try harder, I will communicate my feelings, I will treat you the way a lover should, I promise. "

Cate swallowed nervously.

Jo getting no reaction from Cate accepted that as a rejection "but.... sometimes sorry isn't enough to smooth things over. So I do understand if you don't want me back in your life. I just needed you to know that I am still in love with you and that I'm sorry for everything I've put you through."

"oh my god..... " Cate put hand to her mouth

Jo wiped her eyes with her napkin "so that's it, that's all I have to say." She took some breaths and sat back waiting for the thanks, but no thanks rejection from Cate

Cate face burst into a smile "oh baby that's all I've ever wanted to hear, yes..... of course I want you back in my life. I'm such a mess without you, I have no direction, no idea." She grabbed both of Jo's hands "We will sort things out and I promise I will not mix my working life with us ever again." She kisses Jo's hands and holds them.

Jo sat up and shifted "Umm about your job, I"

Cate knew there was a catch "you want me to give up being a sex worker."

Jo didn't say anything

Cate didn't like ultimatums but it was different this time "I did mean it when I said I would give up sex for love and if you want me to quit my profession then I will." She was disappointed but knew it was worth it.

Jo smiled "well Cate that is nice to know, but it wasn't what I was going to say"

"oh..." she laughs nervously

"When you have clients over I will be there, in the other room watching TV, working out or even doing a bloody cross word puzzle, but my presence is going to be there and your clients are going to know that. I will not have anyone work you over like that ever again."

Cate kissed Jo's hand "yes.... I won't argue on that."

"Good, and one other thing. If you need someone to participate in a threesome with another woman, and she's hot.... well I'm up for that" she held her smirk

Cate eyes flared at the thought "there is no way on earth I am going to share you with any other women, so you can forget about that Joanne McFarlane" she pointed menacingly

Jo laughed at Cate's double standards, not to mention turned on by her over-possessiveness.

"ok ok, won't argue with you on that"

"Good, cos you wouldn't win." Cate squeezed her hand

Jo nodded "so are we good?"

Cate smiled "we will be"

Jo took her hand back and looked at her watch "well then"

"Oh you're not going already Jo, we just got started"

Jo leant over quickly and snatched an unsuspecting kiss "shoosh you uptight git" she says playfully. "What I was going to say, it's nearly 11am and I don't need to be at the gym till 3pm. This gives us a few hours for a serious work out." Jo pauses and looks up "if you're up for it."

Cate stands up, "oh I'm definitely up for it, c'mon" dragging Jo from her seat. She tosses money onto the table for lattes and headed off towards Jo's car

Cate stops abruptly, she pulls Jo into a passionate kiss, Jo eventually breaks it. "hey.... what's that for"

Cate rested her head against Jo's chest "well I was thinking if this was all some sort of a dream, I didn't want to wake up without a final kiss.... and oooooouch" rubs her breast from the twist of her nipple

"Still think you're dreaming"

"Oh you are in big trouble for that missy, I am going to tie you up until you beg me for it."

The continued on until Cate stopped again and backed up "you know a little walk would be good at the moment" she tried to pull Jo in the other direction

"what, right now"

"Jez.... wait up Jezzy please."

Cate groaned when a man walked up to them. Jo stepped back, knowing this was for Cate to deal with and decided she was not going to interfere in her business anymore.

"Jez I'm sorry.... It won't happen again, I will make it up to you, please let me see you again."

"Tom, you split my lip, you put me out of action for two weeks. I had to have plastic surgery on my nose."

"I'm sorry, but... you know my urges, I have trouble controlling them."

"I think can help with that" came a gruff voice next to the man

He looked over then found himself on the ground. He held his face, groaning as the blood was pouring from his nose.

Jo stood over him menacingly "you fucking prick" she yelled at him

Cate gasped "Jo.... stop" she tries in vain to pull her away "Jo... let it go"

Jo ignored her plea and Cate knew it was going to be hard to get her attention back

"Joanne, listen me"

Jo stepped towards the man on the ground, he was trying to back away when she grabbed his shirt "I'm not done with you yet arsehole...." she spat at him

He closes his eyes and turns his head away when he sees Jo raise her fist. Cate grabbed her arm and pulled with all her strength.

"Joanne... calm down".

Jo still hadn't focussed completely on Cate, she stepped towards the man who had now got to his feet and ran off

Cate grabbed Jo's face to look at her, she gently rubs under Jo's shirt, caressing her abdominal muscles "shhhhhhh, easy there tiger"

Jo's chest was still heaving. "You didn't think I was going to let him get away with that" Jo huffs out.

Cate didn't berate her lover, instead she let her tongue drift across Jo's lips, finishing off with a kiss capturing Jo's groan, then grabbed her hand

"cmon..... I don't want to waste one ounce of this rush of blood."

The end (I hope this was to everyone's liking ;)