Hey, I was suffering from another case of writer's block, so I wrote this to myself. It's really short, it sort of made me realize how much my writing is failing at the moment. Oh, and by the way this can relate with life, just any problem, it's just with me, it's my writing.

Thanks for reading!

Inspiration Spark? By Ella

What is the inspiration behind the idea? The ideas come from the imagination, and the imagination comes from within. If all of the wildest imaginations came from your soul, would you not be tempted never to imagine again? For all you ever dreamed about is now a reality.

How is it that we are so blind to our mistakes at the inner control panel of the imagination is unoccupied? It seems as through you are failing, as a human being, and as a person. Your identity is lost in the entire confusing hubbub that your mind makes up.

An idea grows like a flower, as you said long ago, but then your flower garden grew up to fast, and now the massive weeds take over the majority.

How can you tell if a dandelion is a weed when it is pretty? You were fooled, for then you forgot about all the dangers the other good flowers were producing.

This is just one example of your imagination. Is it now a trampled garden? Mud overflows the ground, and your bare feet sink into it. What is your purpose if you are a gardener, and yet only the weeds survived?

Are you now questioning the meaning behind what you did? What you are going to do? Are you going to wait until next season to do it the right way? Will you truly do it the right way next time?

By nest time you will forget your mistakes, and then you will repeat all of it. Then you feel that déjà vu feeling, and then you remember, and then the cycle goes on.

How can you stop this cycle, is this what you are struggling with? Is it painful? Have you almost lost the feeling you once felt? Is the passion gone, or just hidden somewhere? Are you playing hide-and-seek with your imagination? Is it gone one moment, and then it appears? Are these bursts of genius really genius or is that just what you want yourself to think?

Maybe you should think on this more deeply…

Well, what do you think? Is it bad? Good? Review...