Speed dating is BAD. I sat at a table for two minutes, exchanging personal details with a random stranger. It wasn't the highlight of my life. I was adamant on forgetting it ever happened. But there were repercussions of that day that I couldn't forget about. Especially when it came in the form of a six foot Greek God.

The Repercussions of Speed Dating

"You did what?" I gritted out after nearly choking on my crisps. My best friend Todd smiled sheepishly and nodded. Zamara, my other best friend, hid behind Todd.

"Kelly, now don't get mad. But, we may have…accidently, um, put your name down for an, um, speed dating session…at school? Maybe," Todd said slowly, a grin threatening to break. There was absolutely nothing funny about the situation. Zamara's shoulders were shaking; I pursed my lips.

"Zam-Zam," I said shortening her name like her mother did; Zamara hated it when her mum called her Zam-Zam. I glared at her when her head popped up, all smiles stopped.

"Don't call me that Kelly," she said trying to glare at me; she looked a lot more constipated than angry.

"That's it?" I asked in shock. "You tell me I have a speed dating session and that's all you give me?"

"I don't bat for that team. Otherwise I'd give you much more than that," she added thoughtfully. I threw a crisp at her.

"You guys!" I whined slumping back on my chair. "I told you not to meddle in my love life."

"You mean your non-existent love life," Todd put in. I shot dagger glares at him. He put his hands up in defence.

"I don't care that it's non-existent. I like that there is nothing there."

"Darling, you are a seventeen year old high school…" Zamara trailed off, trying to think of a suitable word to say.

"Student?" I supplied for her.

"Yes! That. You're a seventeen year old high school student that has never gone out with someone. Ever."

"So?" I asked her as if there was no point to what she was saying, and in truth there wasn't a point. "It's not like I'm the only seventeen year old, who hasn't gone out with anyone, in the world."

"We're not talking about the world, we're talking about school," Todd said. He leaned forwards and placed his elbows on the table. "Everyone in school has been out with someone at least once."

"Everyone?" I echoed sceptically with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes everyone," Todd replied nodding.

"Even that new girl from Brazil?" I asked.


"She's only been here a week!" I cried out.

"James asked her out yesterday, she said yes. Or si. I don't remember. Point is they're going out."

"Well…" I stalled. "What about that Wendy girl from Sociology?"

"Yes, even her," Todd said nodding. I frowned and tried to think of someone else, but couldn't.

"Even Sarah from Mechanics?" I asked eventually.

"Even Sarah from Mechanics," Todd replied smirking and leaned back on his chair. Zamara frowned for a moment and hit Todd over the head. "OW! What was that for?"

"There is no Sarah from Mechanics! There is no Mechanics you dodo." It was my turn to lean back on my chair and smirk. I winked.

"Gotcha," I grinned. Zamara stopped shaking her head at Todd and turned to me.

"Kel, please, just do this one thing and if you hate it, fine. We won't ever bug you again about dating. Unless you want us to."

"Doubt it," I muttered putting my things away; the bell was about to ring for the next lesson. Todd and Zamara started packing away their things too, but I knew they were waiting for an answer. I stopped packing up for a moment and sighed. Before I had even uttered a word, Zamara squealed and leaned forward to hug me.

"You totally won't regret this! Seriously!"

"I didn't even say anything," I said bewildered.

"But you were going to say something and you were going to say yes," Todd said. I frowned at the both of them.

"How the hell did you know?"

"Oh," they said unison. "We know."


"I can't believe I'm doing this!" I muttered to myself as I stood waiting with the other girls. Todd and Zamara had failed to tell me that the speed dating session was the next day and that it was too late to back out of it. I would have had to gone either way.

Evil little gits.

I had made sure I had worn the worst outfit in my wardrobe; my dad's old checked shirt that he used for painting, my jeans that I cut so it would be a three-quarter length, my fishnet tights and bright blue Chuck Taylor's.

Todd and Zamara were, to say the least, not very happy with my choice of wardrobe. They had forgotten about the minor detail of my clothes. They didn't have any spares and it was too late to go back home and change. I loved that my house was about thirty minutes away from school.

I kept fiddling with the hem of the shirt and muttered all sorts of profanities under my breath. Todd and Zamara were clearly enjoying my discomfort. They were whispering to each other. I tapped my foot but they still didn't get the message.

"Would you tell me what you're talking about or get the hell lost?!" I barked moodily.

"Nothing," they said sweetly. Obviously not put off my by sudden outburst. The other girls did though; they actually inched away from me. The guys were waiting at another entrance to the main hall. Zamara had actually signed herself up just for the fun of it. I could not for the life of me imagine what she would find fun in sitting with a random stranger for two minutes and talking about yourself.

I didn't think she could even string two sentences together in two minutes.

"OK girls, the guys are waiting! If you follow me on through inside, we'll get started!" a woman, who sounded to perky to be natural, said beaming.

"Good luck girls!" Todd said grinning at me. I flipped him the bird. "That's no very attractive, don't do that in there Kelly darling!" he shouted as I slammed the door shut on his face. Everyone in the hall, including the guys that were seated waiting to be dazzled, turned their heads towards me.

"The wind," I said flashing them a smile before rolling my eyes once they had turned around.

"OK," the perky woman said clapping her hands together. "Now girls you're going to all get a number, go to the guy with at the table with that number. You'll sit down, the time will start and you talk. Simple enough! The two minutes will be up, you'll be told by this ring-" The lady pointed a finger to the air and her eyes turned upwards. I followed her gaze but just saw the ceiling. Then I heard a bell ring once.

Oh, she was waiting for that.

"-then you get up and move right. Keep doing that until you go to every single fabulous man here. OK?" she said excitedly. I was disturbed. She could be a great game show host.

We all received our numbers. I was number three. I looked around for the number three. My eyes rested on a guy that wasn't too bad looking. I noticed that only one of the guys was from our school and the girls were also not familiar. I guessed that this was a non-school event. I sighed.

"OK girls! It's show time! Go to your numbers!"

"Be nice," Zamara muttered before heading towards the number eight table.

"Lord help me," I begged staring at the ceiling. I trudged to the table. The guy looked me up and down. I raised an eyebrow at me and he raised one too. I plopped down on the chair and rolled my eyes.

The bell rang and the time started. I just continued staring into space.

"You know," number three said. His voice sounded deeper than I thought it would be. "We're supposed to talk."

"OK, I don't want to be here. Your turn."

"Interesting. I'll start off with my name; Cameron Patrick."

"Well it's very nice to meet you Cameron Patrick." I gave him a sickeningly sweet smile.

"Well, I guess I'll continue then. I go to the school on the other side of town; Brookview High." My ears actually perked up at this. The other side of the town was where I lived.

"Brookview High?" I asked again.

"Yeah," he said looking pleased that I had actually said something. "Why? You know it."

"Know it," I muttered. "I used to go there. Left after a month. I live close to the school."

"Why'd you leave?" he asked curiously.

"Why I stayed there for even a month, is more of a question."

"I'm guessed you didn't like it there."

"Well done for stating the obvious," I said sarcastically.

"Touchy subject then?" he asked. I didn't reply but he continued with waiting for one. I guessed he didn't expect me to answer. "How about you give me a name at least?"

"How about I don't?"

"You're going to have to at some point," he said casually flicking his hair back.

"I won't have to," I replied smirking.

"Why is that?" he asked. The bell rang reminding us to move on to the next person.

"Because of that," I said standing up. "See you…or not."

I walked over to the next table, leaving an amused Cameron speechless. I sat down. Number four pushed his glasses up the ridge of his nose and smiled. I managed to smile back.

"I'm Davies. I love Batman."

"I don't," I said bluntly. All emotion wiped off Davies' face. I groaned. This was going to be a long day, even if it was only ten minutes.


"…and then he kissed my hand!" I cried finishing off the story about one of the guys there. I washed my hand again at the kitchen sink. I had gone straight home after the speed dating session. Todd and Zamara were cracking up at the kitchen table.

"It's not funny!" I exclaimed, even though I was laughing a little. The whole day was much more amusing than I thought it would be. Well, mostly because I kept saying 'because', with a blank look on my face, to everything each of the guys said to me. I think I pissed of the perky woman when I cried out with joy when she said it was over. Cameron however snorted. He hadn't gotten my name in the end, not that I was suicidal over that.

"It is! Aw Kelly!" Todd managed to say. I shook my head and sat down at the counter. I waited for them to finish laughing before asking how Zamara's went. She shrugged and said something about it being 'interesting'. Todd remained oddly silent through it. I was too freaked out by the hand-kisser to read into it.

"So, the first guy you were with was pretty darn cute," Zamara said suggestively. I pretended to gag.

"No way! He goes to Brookview."

"You're kidding?!" Todd spluttered out.

"Nope, not kidding."

"You should definitely stay away from him then," Todd said going into over protective brother mode. I didn't have any brothers, just a sister, so I never had anyone 'protecting' me as such. Not that I ever needed to, my love life then was non existent.

"Oh please. Not all Brookies are bad," Zamara said defending him. Everyone at my high school, Taylor Green High school, called the students at Brookview, Brookie's. They called us Greens. Our town was big but the two schools were the only high schools around. There was major competition in everything; maths, science, sports, art, anything really. The main rivalry was with the arts and sports. Every year there was a town competition for the best art work for a particular topic. Last year's was Food. The Brookie's won that. We won the sports though; Football.

"Right," I said sarcastically. "I'll believe that when I see it." Zamara shrugged.

"So what should we do now? I'm bored. Tormenting you is old," Todd said pouting slightly. I glared at him.

"You two owe me. Ice cream. Now. Move."

We parked at the ice cream parlour. Todd was eighteen, is birthday was on the first of September, he was the oldest in our year so he was able to drive us there. It was great to say that one of us could drive.

I pushed the doors to the parlour open, laughing at something Zamara said. I froze when I saw a bunch of Brookies sitting at the parlour – we'd bump into Brookies all the time but this time was different – Cameron was sitting dead bang in the middle. He caught my gaze and his lips formed a smirk. I was beginning to regret wanting ice cream.

Curse you Cookie dough ice cream for being so scrumptious.

First chapter. Hope you like it. :-)