Shayara looked around, trying to focus her eyes on the only light source in the cabin, a tiny porthole. The swaying motion of the ship made her clench her teeth to stop herself from throwing up, she hated boats.

The other people in the room started waking up, a few of them being noisily sick. A wave of heat swept over Shayara...From rage. Shayara was 12, she had long, ivory black hair and stunning, emerald green eyes.
How dare they! She looked around for somebody to accuse. Her eyes welled up with tears, remembering the awful memory that happened only hours before, when her family was ordered to give up one of their own. To keep the cities population down, the church people picked 20 families a month to give up a family member so they could take them away to die somewhere, she was about to find out where.
People started wailing and shreiking, Shayara just crawled into a corner and started sobbing, soft, heart wrenching sobs, salty tears rolling down her cheeks, her hair sticking to her wet face, she finally fell asleep, leaving behind the world of reality and retreating into a world of fantasy. She dreamed that she was on an island, standing on a huge stretch of sand, suddenly it skipped ahead and she was standing outside a cave entrance, she went inside and she was standing in front of a pool, the water was a gold colour, it looked really deep, for some reason she had a strong urge to jump in...but she couldn't swim.
Suddenly the water started bubbling, out shot a necklace with a gold drop in the middle of it. Catching it, she felt as if she was going back to reality, her mind shreiked, she needed to go in the pool, she jumped, her lean body sailing out over the pool. She gasped in pain and opened her eyes, raising her grubby hand up to her cheek where she had been slapped. Livid with rage she scrambled up to her feet, angry with the man that had stopped her from jumping in the pool. clenching her hands into fists, she quickly looked at her hand, and there, cutting into her palm, was a chain, attached to it was a gold drop the exact colour of the pool, she stared in wonder at the necklace in her hand, wondering how it had come with her.
Someone shoved her outside, the sunlight almost blinded her, making her close her eyes tightly. opening her eyes slowly, what she saw was oddly familiar, she was on an island and she was standing on a long stretch of sand, unconsiously, she put on the necklace, as soon as it was around her neck, she knew exactly where to go. In the middle of the island there was a huge mountain, she knew that her cave was up there.
She walked and walked, occasionly stopping by a stream to get a drink, slowly heading towards the mountain, soon she was so close she could see caves everywhere, but she knew that none of them were the one that she wanted, her legs started to tire, she noticed she was going up the mountain now, once or twice she stumbled. After a while she started to feel hungry, as soon as she felt that, fruit trees started to appear everywhere, it was like a dream. Oh how she wished she could fly, she dearly wanted to get to the golden pool and it was at the top of the mountain, so to fly it would be a Godsend.
She was tired, but she just kept on walking, soon she was nearing the top and her cave was close by, she walked a bit quicker, then she started to jog, she was VERY close now. She turned a corner and found she was right in front of the cave, this scene was also oddly familiar, it was exactly the same in her dream, everything was the same, the trees were the same, the colour was the same, not one thing out of place.
She walked slowly into the cave and there right in front of her was the golden pool, without thinking, she took a running jump, again her lean blody sailed out over the ethereal water, she hit the water with a splash, pain spread over her shoulder blades, writhing and screaming in agony, she sunk lower and lower in the pool. The pain went as quickly as it came, it took her a moment to relise that the pain was gone, then she started frantically dog paddling towards the surface, her lungs screaming, nearing the top, she suddenly had the feeling she didn't need air, then the edges of her vision started to go black, she paddled frantically. Her head broke the surface of the water, she took a gulp of air, the black slowly receading from her vision, breathing heavily she swam over to the edge of the pool, she barely noticed that her necklace was gone.
She got out and lay on her stomach, panting for breath, what had happened? She tried to roll onto her back...but found she couldn't, something was stopping her, looking over her shoulder she screamed, and kept on screaming, trying to twist around so she could see the things that were protruding from her back, they were a huge pair of black wings, all glossy and shiny, exactly the same colour as her hair, they were coming from her shoulder blades. After a while, she just stared, not taking her eyes off them, they were so beautiful. She grinned, thinking 'I got my wish after all'.
She got up, looking around sheepishly, why shouldn't she be able to fly? Walking outside, she grimaced at the sudden sunlight, she started some experimentation, flapping her wings she jumped, only to come abruptly back down to the ground, she tried again, this time waiting until her wings took her off the ground by themselves. Practicing, she glided this way and that, getting the feeling of the new extension of her body. soaring like a bird, the rush of the air made her adrenaline pump, she was free!

Going higher and higher, she flew off...never to be seen again.