Gotta Have Faith:

I've had many "truths" spit at me from the bible,
But I have not read the bible,
And I probably never will.
I can guarantee you this however,
I love no mortal more than I love my God.

I am not judgmental,
I don't care who people believe in
Or even if they can't see any deity,
After all, who says I'm right in my faith?

God, as far as I can see,
Is the hopeful thought of humans,
And whether he is real or not,
It is important to believe what you may
And follow it without question.

Ignorance is bliss my friends,
And while normally, ignorance is something
To overcome,
We are supposed to be ignorant
To God, Gods, Goddesses, or science,
What ever you may believe in.

I don't believe that any God or otherwise
Is so arrogant and egotistical
That they would create a race of humans simple for
Worshiping themselves.

I can't believe that any God or otherwise
Would give his slaves
The choice to stay and work
Or to run,
Since every slave would run rampant.

I believe my God is a god of compassion,
A God who understands greater
Than any force in this place we call a universe,
That true faith comes from respect and love,
Not threats of Hell or Purgatory.

I'm completely fine if you call me blasphemous
Because I question a bible I have not read,
Because I question a God I have not met,
But let me say this,
I love my God more than I love any mortal,
I love his son just as much,
And I love this gift he has given me,
However, I refuse to believe
What has been spit at me from the bible,
And will instead follow my own faith.
I believe there should be no instruction manual
To explain a God or lack-there-of,
I simply believe,
That we gotta have our own faith