In a world where only a single continent called Exire existed, there was once nothing but war. Before such a thing as the Empire existed, small tribes fought amongst themselves for power and glory. Though human in appearance, these tribes warred against each other with all but conventional weapons. Humans with extraordinary powers, through years of mutation their eyes became their most fearsome weapon. As thousands of years passed, their population began to dwindle and humans started to roam about freely, expanding the borders of the Empire without much knowledge of what transpired or what existed beyond their small castles. Five thousand years passed since the war began, and the warring tribes seemed to have reached a peaceful agreement. Two years later…their tribes vanished without a trace. Their kind now a lost memory, extinct, unknown to the Empire that has now ruled the continent for nineteen years…or perhaps they are merely watching…

Chapter 1: Starting Point

A glaring sun beat down on the tiny settlement in its quiet routine. Few farm people scraping the earth's skin with their long rakes. They seemed to enjoy their work as birds fly by and sang their songs. In a nearby manmade house built from nature's wood and the earth's stones, the door slowly flew open as a girl stepped out in her traveler's clothes while putting on a brown scarf around her neck. Her crimson hair gleamed in the sunlight and was as red as the roses in the garden. She wore her hair down in a bobbed hair style with long bangs revealing the centre of her forehead. She yawned, stretched and leaned forward bathing in the sun's rays. "Going to the forest again Rain?", Rain's clear blue eyes strayed to the right looking at a tall rugged man in what one would describe as hill billy clothes.

Rain placed her hands on her hips tried her best disgruntled face, "Uncle Paul! I just got out! How dare you accuse me this early in the morning!"

"It's becowz its this early in the mornin' that I'm kinda suspectin' ya!"

The girl even tried to fake a gasp, "It's like you don't treat me like one of you, I'm very hurt Uncle Paul."

"Now now, Rain, we've thought of you as part of our family since the day we found you in a bloodied tent nearby." An elderly woman spoke softly as she slowly turtled towards Rain. The numbers of wrinkles on her face were almost limitless and her cheeks sagged slightly downwards around her jaw.

"You always tell me this but…I don't really remember any of it for some reason?"

"Weeeeellll, O'course y'dun member it, you were so small an all, I reckon you were only couple months old when we found you."

"The tent we found you in was all battered and blood was covered all over the place…" The old woman let off a heavy sigh.

"Not this again auntie. Please stop trying to scare me…" She sighed with exasperation as she dropped her head.

"In any case, Rain, please be careful and come back before night falls. Heaven knows what lurks around at night."

"Alright, I promise, I'll be back before dinner at least!" She waved her hand nervously. Rain averted her attention towards the dark green forest covered in shadows. The tall trees lurched side by side as some unseen force pushed at them. She took a deep relaxing breath before stepping in front of the ominous forest. "Today feels like a good day!"

Her full name is Rain Annabelle; the villagers had found her in a ruined campsite nearly nineteen years ago when she was only a baby. They had told her before of how they found her. The farmers, on one of their foraging trips, stumbled across a baby nestled snuggly in a bundle of bloodied blankets. The villagers took the baby in and raised them like one of their own. Though she took the revelation of being found in a ruined tent very curiously and kept asking questions the elders could never answer. She often read books about the outside world that the elders kept in a dusty cupboard, and became engrossed in the idea of travelling. One day, she would set foot outside of the village and travel, and on the way she might be able find out more about herself.

"Hey Rain! Going out to the forest again?!" A small boy came up to her jovially, he was missing a tooth.

"Yep! Sure am!"

"Maybe someday you might be able to travel to the big city!"

Rain smiled gleefully, "Someday I will, and I might bring back souvenirs for you guys!"


"Lady Elaine…Reapers detected on the outskirts…they appear to be mere Garths…" A monotonous voice said nonchalantly.

"Oh? Do you think you can…?" A young feminine voice trailed off.

"What about the others?" The monotony asked.

"They're all busy with their own missions…pleeeeeeeease…"


"I knew I could count on you! You're always so dependable!"

"…anomaly detected in the vicinity of the area as well…"

"Anomaly? English?"

"…we will be visible to mere bystanders…"

"How many?!"

"…only one…if possible…I would like to investigate this matter on my own…"

"Oh? It's not like you to do that."

"This sudden incursion has peaked my interest…"

"Alright then, I'm counting on you…"

"I sincerely doubt that you do…"