it's too warm in her room, I hate it, I'm burning, I feel alone, she won't look at me, I can't look away from her, the walls are staring at me, my heart is pounding against my brain MAKE THIS STOP the heat is killing me, my coat fell away but I'm still burning, I can't get out of this inferno, this hell, it's collapsing in, my head can't take this pressure I'm falling apart shattering into a million tiny pieces screaming the profanities of a thousand curses over and over I want to run but I can't move stuck to the spot as if my superglue fighting my impulses LET ME OUT I'm screaming and no one hears me they walk away as if I'm not there, not crumbling away from existing on this plane sliding into the unknown where nothing hurts and I'm not invisible, not alone, not screaming not even feeling, for once being seen for who I am and