For the Chain No More

It started out independent

And owned by locals of the state,

But in the era of chains,

It got bought up

By a chain

With a faraway cooperate headquarters

That had executives

That were deaf to local opinion.

It was run by local people,

But directed by non-locals

And in the years of budget cuts,

The non-locals made decisions

That turned the local people

Against the non-locals

And the chain

Did suffered with the lost of the locals.

Soon it was up for sale

By the chain that had bought it

And a bunch of locals

Started to meet and talk.

They talked about the future

And they decided to buy it

In an attempt to yank it

From the badness of the chain.

They bought it

And brought it back to standing

Among the locals.

For the chain no more,

It was to be independent again

And to never be bought up again

As long as the locals have a say.

For the chain no more,

It publishes the news!