A new poem! I haven't posted a poem in ages, but this one just sort of came to me. Let me know what you think and thanks for reading! Enjoy!


I have to say
I can't believe what you've just done
You turned your back on everything
And so the others won

You were an individual
So much different from the rest
They all took the east
But you braved the west

Your grass was greener
Your sky more vivid blue
But then you shut down
And now I can't trust you

I told you I had time
That the fight would be long
You said the battle would be tough
But I knew that you were strong

Now I've changed my mind
Because you let them in
They took the opening that you left
And now you've let them win

Let this be a reminder
That you can't let promises break
So the wall won't be destroyed
And I don't have to wait