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The kid who I cut in half, from head to crotch, pulled my eye out. Before I killed him, fucker got a hold of it – with his own hand and fingers – and lugged it right out only to mash it in his palm. I didn't feel anything. Didn't feel anything when he used his knife on me either. Didn't even bleed. But now I'm one eye short.


Staggering over to my domain, a small, half burned house, I went to the only room I ever use in it. There was an unmade bed that I have no need for. Pieces of the wall and ceiling littered on it. The floor was equally immersed with debris, for the exception of the desk and chair I sat on. And the laptop.

We had finally discovered Internet. It was what the humans used to communicate to get away from us. However, we mentally evolved. After getting shot in the head so many times, it was about time. The humans kept this connection up with the use of towers and generators. We, too, kept that system and eventually expanded it. It was simple to do since our needs are few. Once we took over Internet, we dominated, and the humans became a rarity.

And that was my problem now.

I turned on Dell and the bright screen was the only light in the room. My single eye scanned the screen for Internet icon.

Indeed humans were sparse now. In the 53 years of my undeath, I've only encountered three, including the one who took my eye. Which means I won't be able to get a new eye from them anytime soon. If only I had snatched one from my previous mortal confrontations.

Ah yes, those were fun. Especially the female. Oh, she was delicious. Carving through her chest was particularly enjoyable. To still see her heart beat for a few more seconds before crushing it in my jaw, juicy rubicund gore squeezing through my cheeks, was ecstasy. Peeling back the skin on her shoulders and neck, I devoured her exposed muscles. I think her eyes were green. I glanced at them once in awhile during my feast to see flecks of blood slide on the gloss of her pupils.

The thoughts of flesh made me wish I hadn't killed off my earlier prey so quickly.

The browser on my laptop opened. My fingers raked against the keyboard as they typed out a url. Once connected to my desired website, I typed what I desired to find in the website's search engine.

I should have taken my first prey's eyes. They were a curious shade of blue. A hue which did not match the sky, nor the sea, not that any of those two hold their original tint anymore. I had decapitated him by biting his neck off. It was a slow process, especially when I came across the bone, but it was gratifying being able to gnaw on ivory candy. When his head nudged away from his body, my hand dug into his abdomen, and I pulled out whatever I could grasp. Soft. Chewy.

Once I was done, I did admire his head. Holding it in my hands. I don't recall his features. Just the azure orbs cratered into his skull. Their luster was still fresh as they stared straight ahead. I bet they saw a lot of things. I mean nice things that weren't related to Armageddon.

Maybe he saw a flower or fresh water. Maybe he saw the sky and the sea's true colors before they hid behind grime and blood. Or maybe his eyes absorbed their colors and that's what really happened to the sky and the sea. I think he may have seen happiness.

I bet he had a brother who had Heterochromia. It's the only way to beat such a stunning pair of blue eyes. His brother probably had one blue eye and one hazel eye. I'm sure of it. He probably lost his brother though. But I'm sure his brother's eyes saw a lot of nice things too.

My laptop beeped. The search was done. I looked at the screen and grunted.

0 matches found for…

Damn eBay. I knew being able to keep my original eye colors would be difficult, considering how rare it is to find human body parts to make my own. I was hoping I could accomplish such a feat since this eBay is spoken as if legendary. And I had a nice box of bloody organs for the seller too. Guess I'll eat them after all.

I looked at the screen again.

0 matches found for "hazel eye."

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