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Six Years Ago

"Go on. Talk to him." Kate urges me towards Christian, the guy every girl was after. Concidentally, he was also my best friend. Too bad I liked him.

"Hello?? Sasha? GO!!" Lilly actually grabs me by my wrist, and shoves me in his direction. I stumble, and regain my posture before anyone realized I had nearly embarrased myself in front of the entire sixth grade.

"I'm going!" I hiss to my best friends. They only stare at me. Ugh. Sometimes I hate their persuasiveness. I stalk over to Christian, keeping my face blank. Surprisingly, no girls were near him. I look him up and down, quickly, before he notices me. He head is bowed, listening to his iPod. God, I loved his hair. It was the classic "surfer boy, bleach blond hair" except, a little darker. He had an awesome smile, and gorgeous eyes. I crouch down.


"Oh, uh, hi Sasha." He turns off his iPod. "What's up?"

"Oh, nothing much. You just seemed so lonely over here. No girls crowding today, huh?" I smile, looking at his eyes. Man, they were the awesomest shade of blue- navy. Sometimes I thought they were black. He returns my smile, reluctantly. "Are you glad its the last day? Because you're moving? Or is it some other crap that's bothering you?"

"Um, no, actually. Nothing's bothering me." I knew he was lying- he shifted uncomfortably.

I looked back over to Kate and Lilly. I almost burst out laughing. They're making wild guestures and moving their hands as if miming telling me what to do and say. It looked as if they were ducks, flapping away with their arms. Stifling a giggle, I look him up and down again.

"Seriously, there is something wrong with you. Whats up?" I pout, as sweetly as I could.

"Nothing! Its just that today is passing way to fast, that's all. I wanted to enjoy it" Christian says.


"Want" he corrects himself.

"So, um. I was wondering, do want to go to the movies with me and hang out?" I say quickly, avioding his gaze.

"What!?" he laughs. "Like on a date?"

"Uh, sure. If you want it to be." I say, completely serious.

"Oh. I thought you were joking. I mean, seriously. We're best friends. And you're not exactly, well-" Christian breaks off his sentence.

"Not exactly what, Christian?" My eyes flashed dangerously.

"I mean, come on Sasha! You're not really a girl. I mean, not that you're not a girl, but, it's that I never really pictured you as someone like that-" Christian rambles, totally oblivious of my anger boiling.

"What the heck do you mean I'm not a girl! Of course I'm a girl! Are you blind, Christian? And what do you mean 'someone like that'?" I feel no mercy towards him.

"Well, it's just that you never act like a girl! You never wear skirts and you always like playing sports with the boys. And even if I did want to date you, I would never, because I never picture you as more than a friend!" Christian looks me in the eye and stops dead. Oh, he went too far. And he knew it.

"I never said it had to be a date, Christian. I said if you wanted to. And obviously, since you dont see me as a girl, well, I guess you need your eyes checked." I rant at him. I give him a glare, and walk away. "See you tommorrow. Oh wait- no you wont. You'll be moving away, and I'll never have to see your pathetic face again!" I yell over my shoulder.

As I walk past Kate and Lilly, I grab their hands, and pull them away from our table. They follow me all the way to the girls bathroom, and I dont say anything until we get there. I splash some water on my face at the sink, and dry my face on a paper towel. I turn and face them. Of course, they had watched every detail that happened, but didnt know what was spoken. So, motioning for them to sit down, I tell them what happened.

"That, that, that worm!!!" Lilly exclaims. "How dare he!! Christian is your best friend! How could he say that about you?"

"I'm so sorry Sasha" Kate hugs me reassuringly.

"I swear, when I see Christian again I'll-"

"You'll do nothing Lilly. It's over between me and him. He's moving away, today's the last day of the school year, and I'll never see him again. Problem solved" I say, calming Lilly down.

"How will you get over it? He was your best friend for what, four years now?" Lilly asks

"Yeah. But I'll live"

The bell rings, signaling the school day was over.

"Come on, Sasha. You'll forget about him" Kate, always the rational one, replied.

"Yeah, I will"

We make our way to the buses. I take my seat at the back of the bus, alone. I process what Christian had told me. How I had felt. Why I had felt it.

I never really forgot Christian. Because after he left, I wasn't the same.

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