blueberry pie, oh - -
my simplest wish is only to say something
(ridiculous, no) only a little foolish...
'she never even whispers – oh - -
does the cat have your tongue?'
and then it's a low laugh, from your stomach to throat
a jaded laugh,mock me


i've never seen a better sight a better sight than your eyes
than your eyes at the sight of blueberry pie,
blueberry pie, oh - -
funny how optimism snuck up on me. push aside the right my left
a wound to talk and a tale that shows atrail, no path (for a purpose
is too direct)
just a meandering trail
sleepwalking, really... (ridiculous, no)

only a little me, a little i don't Need to explain.
i don't Need all these vices. i just Want...
well, it's too hard to explain.

every night in the night i go over it again and again in my head the sight
of your eyes, your eyes at the sight of blueberry pie
blueberry pie, oh - -
i begin to love him.
and this is not about him. and yet;

Hello my lovelies! Bet you didn't think you'd see me again, huh? I've been doing the fiction game () but I think I'm going to start using this profile, too. I hope you all still remember me. And...I'm also about to flood your inbox with a bunch of poems...(those of you who still have me on author alert after all this time, that is.) Sorry about that. :)