I remember when you whispered in my ears

I recall the promises you made so easily

The ones you never kept

The ones I painted across my heart and never forgot

Because they were too precious to give away.

You made me feel like I could fly

Like I was floating in a bed of soft leaves

Like my stomach was filled with fluffy clouds

And I couldn't get rid of them

No matter what anyone said about us.

You said you loved me

With all your heart and more

Because I wasn't afraid to be different

Because I was obsessed with picking flowers and orange juice

Because I was one of the strangest girls you'd ever met.

We had screaming matches to challenge thunder

And I know that those punches hurt you, by the way you winced afterwards

And your rage seemed to be an endless storm

I always told myself I would never forgive you for the things you said

But the way you said my name caused me to melt.

I liked tracing invisible patterns on your arms

Like daisies and roses and teddy bears with beating hearts

And I loved rolling down hills with you clutched to my side for protection

(it didn't matter if we only hurt ourselves in the end)

I liked running my hands through your curly hair

And giggled when you got angry with me for doing so.

But I should have known all goods things come to an end

Like autumn turns to winter

Like how the stars never last forever

And explode into a million fragments of gas

Like how your hand suddenly grew cold around mine.

It doesn't matter that we aren't in each other arms anymore

That I haven't seen you since july

Because I still smell you and I still know the feeling of your skin

Just in my dreams, when I'm tucked away

Enclosed in fluffy clouds and blades of stainless steal glass.

a/n: free verse poem written a couple of days ago. i dont have much poetry on fictionpress...i thought i might see if there's anything i can do to improve this poem. i like it, it just needs work.