Two officers of the LAPD were driving by when they notice there's a body lying on a pool of blood. After stopping their car, they got out and walk slowly to the body with guns in their hands to make sure no one will try to ambush them. Deciding that it's safe, they turn the body and to their surprise it's...Jeff Burstall, the lawyer from the televised hearing they have seen a day before. What's even shocking is that his eye is missing from the socket and there's a noise coming from inside a crumbling building just across the street. For strange the noise is people chanting "30, 30, 30..." inside the building.

"Phil, what do you think is going on here?" said one of the officer

"Beats me Jake, seems to me that something's up" said Phil

"Let's go and see what's the chanting's for" said Jake

As they're walking toward the building, a crazy guy shows up and screams "Please don't go in there!"

"I remember you, I bust you for coke!" shout Phil

"You didn't, you plant it on me but that's besides the point, those people in the building are dangerous!" said the vagrant

"How so?" said Jake

"That lawyer...they used supernatural power to do him in!" the vagrant screams crazily

"Are you sure we planted 'H' on you?" Phil said with his tone showing signs of irratation

"It's true, I'm not lying..." the vagrant cries as the blood begins to leak out of his forehead

Stunned, the officers tried to calm him down but to no avail until finally...the poor vagrant drops dead. Then they notice the chanting have changed, no longer it's "30", whomever it is in the building...they're now chanting "31, 31, 31..."

"What the? He's right, those people in there do have supernatural powers" said Jake

"Yeah and had we believed him earlier, he'd be alive until we beat him to death the next time we bust him" said Phil

Soon afterwards, Phil takes out a grenade he stole few weeks ago in a raid on peddlers selling illegal weapons. As he takes few steps toward the building, he pulls out a pin and throws it right onto the roof.

"Get down!" Phil shouts as he dives out of the way moments before the explosion erupts and then the building caves in, crushing many inside.

"Is it over?" Jake ask, unsure on whether they stop the cult member's murderous rampage

As the two abusive members of the Los Angeles Police Department walk towards the rubbles, they saw a man crawling out weakly chanting "68...68...68..."

"There's still one over there, get him!" Phil screams

Due to the injuries substained from the collapse, the surviving cult member was unable to get away as the cops proceeds to beat him to death

After it's over, Phil kneels over to check his pulse

'Is he still alive?" ask Jake

'No, it's finally over, I guess that's 69,"

The police officers then hop into their car and drives into the sunset

The End