I raced up the stairs of the hospital and breathlessly reached the reception. It was two in the morning so there weren't many people around. The short, stubby woman who was starting to burst out through the arms of the chair, didn't acknowledge my presence, just continued to type feverously. I stood panicked, irritated by her rudeness.

"Hello!" I snapped finally.

"Hold on a minute" she chirped.

She was deliberately doing this.

She smiled with satisfaction and finally moved her gaze from the screen.

"How may I help you?"

"Hello" I smiled bitterly. "I'm looking for my brother, he was taken in about an hour ago, his name is Edward."

She started typing again and said "He's in room 201, down the corridor and on the right"

I turned and walked away, and heard her call "Your welcome"

"I didn't say thank you"

I eventually found the room, and found my older (but not wiser) brother lying on a bed with what looked like a cast wrapped around his back and chest.

"You big dope, what the hell did you do?" I hit him lightly.

"Well, I was saving the world as you do…"

I gave him a disapproving look and he sighed loudly.

"I was changing the brakes and when I tried to get up and I couldn't" he laughed gingerly.

"Well done, you idiot!"

"I know, I'm great" he yawned.

His eyes began to close slowly.

Must be the painkillers… I thought.

I waited until I knew he was asleep, then I left the room, looking for a coffee machine. I would have to stay with him, until our mother arrived, but god knew when that would be. She was out with her boyfriend.

I wandered the eerily silent corridors, my shoes squeaking on the extensively clean floor, the light above my head flickering and buzzing from time to time, glancing occasionally through some doors. Eventually finding a machine, I rummaged in my pocket for change. I felt the cold metal and pulled it out, with it my keys which clattered against the ground loudly.

"Fuck" I muttered, bending to pick them up.

"Sailor, language."

I froze on the spot, my hand hovering over my keys. My bones quivered. That voice, it couldn't be. .