A/N: This is the first in my alphabetical series of poems. Stay tuned for more soon!

I never said I needed any help,
But I could do with saving,
If you stop and catch me,
I'll stop all this misbehaving.

I'd really like to disappear,
But you won't let me go,
I'm stuck in this life I fear,
A smile I'll never show.

Tell me what my problem is,
Why I'm so obsessed with you,
Even though you're always happy,
You still get me blue.

The worst decision I've had to make,
Involved me walking away,
When I left, I was crying,
Yet you still seemed okay.

I don't want to hurt anymore,
And you're the reason to blame,
You are why I'm so screwed up,
An angel in the spotlight of fame.

XX /Angel. Not./