Truth Or… Dare

By: Connie Ha

Kevin's POV

"Truth or dare?" asked Thomas.

"No shit. Dare." Here I am with a bunch of guys ditching school. We're at Rickey's house and his parents are usually never home.

The guys exchanged glances. Who's going to ask the dare? Thomas glares at Edward, who was deep in thought.

"Yo, think of a good one, we don't have all day," said Benson.

"Alright. Kevin, I dare you to ask Kimberly Johnson out." Edward grinned.

Thomas, Rickey, Edward, and Benson stifled a laugh.

"Ew! No way! She's the ugliest thing I've ever seen! She's worse than Medusa!" I yelled.

Edward roared with laughter.

"That's why it's called a dare," said Rickey, smirking.

"It's a dare! You can't back out!" said Benson.

"Fine," I said through gritted teeth.

Have in mind – when you're playing truth or dare, you're stepping into a commitment of hell. Seriously! This game can seriously ruin your life! I suggest you stop reading this story NOW.

Kimberly's POV

Chapter One; dream come true

"Ew! How can you LIKE him! He's ugly, stupid, a jerk, and doesn't know how to charm a girl!"

I sighed. "That's what you think. And c'mon… I've liked Kevin since fourth grade. It shouldn't be THAT surprising. It's been four years."

Jessica slammed her locker shut. "It is still surprising. Because he poured a carton of milk into Mike's backpack yesterday! Him and his little 'gang' were all laughing about it!"

"Oh, please. You're just upset because you like Mike."

"At least Mike doesn't dump milk into other people's backpacks!" she snapped.

I let her have it. One thing I hated besides having Jessica mad were having cat fights with her.

At John Burray Middle, they don't care if we get into fights. I know. Pretty irresponsible, huh? But that's because the teachers and staff all say that we're getting old and old means drama. Exhibit A; Ms. Windell was supposed to be teaching us how to combine variables and exponents but her phone rang during class and instead of learning, we watch her yell over the phone about not having her wedding cake right and she cried so hard that she almost finished the whole tissue box. Dramatic.

Jessica's a sucker for drama – cat fights. She got into a fight with Daisy Cole two weeks ago because they both had the same color nail polish on. It's PURPLE. Purple is common for crying out loud!

Jessica and I walked to first period together and her cheeks were the noticeable things there. Once we walk into the room, Jessica scans with her 20/20 vision for Mike. Once she lays eyes on him, she can't help but turn scarlet. I roll my eyes.

Sure, you can say Mike's hot. He's in the boys' basketball team and knows how to charm a girl when he wants to – except me. His hair is all spiked up and gelled today, making Jessica shove her fist in her mouth to prevent screaming. Mike turns and meets eye contact with Jess. She quickly drops her fist – slightly embarrassed. Mike winks at her and Jess looks like she's going to melt.

Jessica is real pretty. No. Gorgeous. With side bangs and layers, and eyeliner with just the right amount, she's the finest girl a guy can lay his eyes onto. And that, I can say, makes me a bit jealous.

I'm not so pretty if you look at me. I wear glasses because my mother refuses to let me wear contacts. I have bangs – no, not side bangs – so I look Japanese. My hair's straight. And don't freak, this was my hair style since my very first day of school back in kindergarten. Jessica has been my best friend since third grade and she says I look so much better with my hair tied up in a ponytail. But I didn't take

her advice until fourth grade. When I met Kevin, I tied my hair up into a ponytail every single day.

My eyes are dark – not like Jessica's, warm and hazel. I'm really pale. I could pass as a ghost while Jess is a diva queen.

I see Mike coming our way and I quickly dodge. I can see Jess getting her flirt on. Her fingers twirl around a layer of her hair. I make gagging faces and she giggles, letting Mike mistake her for laughing because he's cute. Oh, great…. I went to take my seat, leaving the two pre-lovebirds talk their way into eternal happiness.

"Oh, my, GOD! He asked me if I was doing anything Saturday night. Can you believe it? Mike Kendrall asked me out…!"

I tuned Jessica out as we made our way to PE. But that was only because I saw Kevin and stopped dead.

"Kimberly?" Jessica asked, wondering why I stopped moving my feet.

Kevin hadn't been to school in a week and I guess it made me feel butterflies to know that he was back. He caught me staring at him and I gasped. He made eye contact with me. Kevin Jameson made eye contact with me! Oh. My. God. I tried to grin at him but his eyes suddenly widened and he ran. What the heck? It was like he saw a ghost. I turned around. No one was behind me. Was he running away from me?

"Kimberly…? Kimberly!"

"Wha?!" I looked over and saw Jessica, annoyed.

"Sorry. Spaced out."

"W-." The bell rung. "SHOOT!" Jessica grabbed my arm. "If we're late for PE again we're going to have detention!"

"But… but…" I looked over my shoulder as we ran, maybe hoping that by some miracle, Kevin Jameson will come and save me from the wrath of PE – baseball.

"Heads up!"

"GAH!" I throw my hands up to shield my face. I could hear some of the guys snickering. I uncover my face and I see Jessica staring at me with disapproval.

Jessica was up to bat. I take a deep breath as Joyce pitches the ball and Jessica hits it far. It flies over my head and goes outfield. The crowd was cheering. Jessica ran past second base. I turn around just in time for Ruby Cole – Daisy Cole's identical twin to throw the ball at me. I was heads up… heads up! And someone steals the ball before it could even land in my glove. I scowled but realized that it was Kevin. I was utterly dumbstruck. He threw the ball to Josh – standing at third base – as I kept staring at him.

He looks down. I noticed how short I am standing next to him. His eyes froze at my gaze, nearly taking my breath way. Second eye contact. Second!

I realized that it was quiet. Everyone was watching me and Kevin. I wish I could turn around to see how Jessica was reacting to this but my eyes were glued. Then again, I didn't have to. I could hear Jessica scowling to Miley Sanders.

"Um… hey," said Kevin.

"H-hi," I stuttered. What the hell, Kimberly? This is like… the FIRST time Kevin Jameson talked to you! Speak clearly!

"Hurry up, Kevin!" I heard Thomas yelling from out of campus behind the gates with Edward, Benson, and Rickey.

"ALRIGHT! I fucking hate you guys," said Kevin.

"We hate you, too, man!" said Edward.

Kevin cleared his throat. I was blinking furiously. No, I wasn't flirting. I was actually trying to distinguish whether this was reality or a dream.

"I was wondering… are you doing anything Saturday?"

My mouth dropped open. Oh my God. I heard Benson, Edward, Rickey, and Thomas laugh and realized how stupid I looked. I closed my mouth and blushed slightly. I think I saw Kevin wince. "Yes. I mean no. I mean… I'm free Saturday." God, how stupid can I get?

"Do you want to hang out?"

"O-Okay." Wake up, wake up. This is so not real.

"Cool. I'll pick you up. Um… address?"

I was still staring. Come on, wake up. Fantasy over.


"Huh? Oh!" I'm awake. Oh my God, I'm awake. "Seven forty-one Silver Lane…" I muttered, embarrassed.

"I'll come by at one. See you." He grinned.

I nod, still not entirely sober. I watched him as he walked over to his gang. I continued spacing out – watching Kevin dreamily. And I didn't know where the hell I was until a baseball smacked me in the head.


I heard Kevin chuckle and I blushed.

Okay, let's get this straight. Kevin Jameson just asked me out. But the freak. I'm in my PE uniform. I'm in the most unattractive attire and Kevin Jameson asked me out. I wonder if he's crazy. I start to think about what's likable about me. Idiotic but cute, right? Exhibit A; my baseball crisis.