Hiya guys (:

Long time no see, I know…

I've been... uninspired with my stories.

I'm working on a new one called:

"Summer time love"

So far I've gotten out the idea

It's going to be a sequel or trilogy.

I'm going to try and work on I'm addicted to make it better and more flowing as you might have guessed I was rushing so -_- Yeah.

Most of my stories are going to be revamped to be more believable. Unless you like the way they are.

I'm only working on I'm addicted because of


(Sorry if I butchered your name lol.).

Um so yeah be looking out for some new stuff soon

And feel free to Pm me, or e-mail me.

Add a review if you like. But if I haven't updated a story you want bug me a LITTLE bit until I do (: