A/N: Bare with this chapter. It's just a little into to what is to come. The others are longer. Enjoy!

"His ego is gigantic!" Gemma shouts, loud enough for the entire dressing room to hear.

"It's not him, he's a trumpet player. It comes with the instrument," I rationalize with her.

"Jon's such an ass. I don't know why you like him so much," she mutters, applying and reapplying her eye liner.

The space between us is filled with incredulity, "He asked me out, thank you very much."

"5 minutes until show time," the director, Mr. Karjala, says, sticking his head into the dressing room, "Any last minute issues?"

My heart jumps. 5 minutes.

"You should have done pit band if you wanted to be with him so badly," Gemma continues.

I shrug, "I would have if I hadn't gotten a lead."

She laughs, "That ego. It's contagious."

I grin to myself, "Actually, I wouldn't be able to pick one instrument to play for pit. I mean I love my viola, but what if I also wanted to do a reed part? And I'm the only bassoon player in the school, they'd probably be pissed if I picked saxophone or viola over-"

"Cosette!" A sharp voice shouts, silencing me.

A snap my head up to the voice, "Good to see that you're responding to your character's name, Scarlett," my director continues, "Everyone all ready?"

The school's work on their production of Les Miserables has finally culminated together for the closing night of play. The stage crew, dressed in head to toe black, are out on the stage already, setting up last minute adjustments, making sure that no one would trip down the stairs or get their sleeves caught on splinters of wood like what had happened during the performance the night before.

I step out in the hallway. Gemma's, who played Madame Thenardier, voice trails after me, "Looking for Jon?"

I need air. So many girls in one dressing room gets overwhelming.

I man I didn't recognize stands in the hallway across from me, "Excuse me sir, this is cast and crew area only, didn't you see the signs?"

He grins at me, his eyes slanted, "I'm afraid I didn't pretty lady."

His voice sends shivers down my spine.

"You need to go back to the theater in order to for the show to begin." Jon's low voice startles me. I hadn't noticed him walking up from the stairs leading to the pit.

The man turns around and walks through the doors that led back to the lobby of the theater. I don't take my eyes off of him.

"You alright, Scarlett? Nervous?" he asks.

"Do you know who that was?" I retort.

"Beats me. Some guy who took a wrong turn looking for the bathroom, probably. Why, do you?"

I shake my head, adverting my eyes away from the door and to my boyfriend's face. I go to run my fingers through my hair, reddened from its mousy winter blonde from the sun like it did every spring, but stop, remembering the intricate way it was gelled and styled to my head.

"Two minutes," Mr. Karjala's voice calls, "Two minutes 'til show time!"