You were my first,

And we had something good,

I went away,

And you misunderstood,


You faded away,

Like a star on morning,

I felt so numb,

Thinking of you,


You gave me the cold shoulder,

But now you say you're still in love with me,

You don't show it the tiniest bit,

You said to move on,


But it would hurt you if I tried to go,

You still see me as the same,

And nothing I say will break you apart,

You haven't responded,


And I'm so confused,

You gave me a promise,

Said we'd work it out,

You hurt me deep,


And now I'm afraid for tomorrow,

What will you do?

Will you want me back?

Well, I want a life,


Have you let me go?

Or do you want a broken love?

If you want me back,

Then tell me,


So think about everything,

And tell me the truth,

Don't sugar coat it,

Or hesitate,


I don't care about my pain,

Let me know if I'm free,

Or for you,

The day of love,


The day of your birth,

It keeps me wondering what I'm worth,

I've come to hate this day with a passion,

But, this is the best time to let me down,


It'll be easy,

I don't have too far to go,

I'm already so low,

Just one more hit,


Tell me what you feel on this Valentine's Day.