The Intern

The man in the business suit had been staring at him for the past hour. He was currently sitting in a large conference room, packed with many other hopeful people like him, all chomping at the bit for the rare opportunity to land an internship at the prestigious law firm. He, along with every other Tom, Dick, and Harry in the crowd, had the perfect test scores, the perfect resumes, and the perfect background. Now all they needed to do was prove to the staff at the corporation that they were what they were looking for.

But blast it all, that man with the sharp face wouldn't stop staring at him.

He initially only glanced at him, before turning to look at the other men on the stage, and finally to his fellow interns-prospectives. Finally, after feeling the mysterious man's burning gaze on him for the better part of an hour, he finally turned his attention away from the current speaker and gazed back.

The man was wearing a business suit just like the rest of his coworkers, yet somehow this man held a presence that projected across the room towards him. He was certainly better looking than his coworkers too; while the rest of the lawyers ranged from their late 40's to their 60's, this man was at the most in his mid 30's. Also, his body was definitely sculpted like an ancient Greek's, since there were multiple curves under the suit that portrayed the presence of large and powerful muscles. His face was certainly a looker too, with beautiful sun kissed skin and deep, dark eyes that seemed to draw in their victims. Also, the presence of a strong and chiseled jaw and thick hair cut short only added to this man's masculinity.

Suddenly everyone stood up and he was quick to do the same, smoothing over his tie with shaky and slightly sweaty palms. Taking a deep breath, he straightened his jacket and followed the other men, unsure as too where they were going. So focused was he on the stranger that he didn't catch what was being said. Looking around now, he didn't see the man anymore either.

Making his way into another conference room, he caught sight of various refreshments. So this was the socializing part of the meeting, before they were called for individual interviews. Glancing around, he still didn't see the strange yet interesting man.

With a foreign feeling of unknown disappointment, he made his way over to the table. While other's sipped on a beer or some coffee, he opened a bottle of water. He didn't want to be wired from the caffeine, nor slightly drunk from the alcohol for his interview.

"Playing it safe I see."

He turned around and had to look up a bit. Staring down at him was his mysterious viewer. He took a deep breath through his nose and caught a strong whiff of the man's cologne and natural musk. It was like him; mysterious, powerful, and rugged. Up close he saw the man had a slight 5 o'clock shadow too.

With a small smile and barely concealed blush, he nodded. "Yes, I want to be fully alert for my interview to come, no distractions you see."

"Ah, smart move." came the response. Neither man said anything for a moment, silently appraising each other. Finally the silence was broken. "So tell me, who are you and what are your credentials?"

He smiled and puffed up his chest. Now was his moment to shine and impress this man. "My name is Ian Westbrooks and I graduated top of my class from Harvard Law, 4.0 GPA, along with various awards and honors. I've been doing small time charity legal work, but decided to move up in the world and take down the big time criminals."

The mysterious man nodded. "My name is Greg. I'm obviously a lawyer here, and you can say this is an informal interview." Greg held out his hand and Ian did the same, the two shaking hands. Ian's palms weren't shaky or sweaty anymore, him now being calm in this man's presence. "So what exactly did you do in terms of legal charity work?" Greg asked as he sat down at a chair, Ian following suit.

Ian shrugged. "It was mostly paperwork, but every now and then, someone thought they could cheat us. So I would slam down on them with everything I had in my arsenal and would keep the charity from becoming a victim of fraud."

Greg nodded. "Seems you have a strong sense of morals; we always need those here." He placed his thick hand on Ian's knee and pressed his foot against. Ian glanced down at Greg's advances and looked up at him; Greg was peering back at him, a look of intense desire and excitement shining through his orbs. Ian sat there, speechless at what to do with this dominating man. After a moment of silently measuring Ian, Greg stood up.

"Follow me." He commanded.

With that, Greg turned on his heels and strode away, his walk confident. Ian saw a few daring interns try and walk up to Greg and intercept him for a word, but the man shot them down with merely a dangerous look. Ian quickly got up and followed the man, unsure of what had just happened and what was going to happen. Passing his fellow interns, he saw them shooting him withering gazes of disdain and jealousy. Shrugging off their looks, he quickly walked into the hallway and saw Greg waiting for him by the elevators. Ian took a deep breath and tried to walk up to this man in a calm fashion.

Reaching him, Ian inquired, "Where are we going Greg?"

Greg gazed down at him; his few inches of height making Ian feel slightly inadequate and intimidated. Stepping close to him, Greg placed his hands on Ian's shoulders and began massaging them in a firm and controlling grip. Ian held back a wince of pain at the powerful touch.

"I'm getting in the elevator and you're going to follow me boy. Is that clear?" Greg finished his question with an extra strong grip into Ian's neck muscles. This time Ian flinched and broke eye contact with Greg. The elevator door pinged and opened up, allowing Greg to walk in without a backward glance. Ian followed after a moment's hesitation.

What on earth was going on?

Subtle music was playing while the two men stood inside, each staring ahead. The tense silence was finally broken. Greg turned his hard gaze a bit and looked at Ian.

"So how badly do you want to be a part of this firm Ian?" Ian made no response; he just turned and looked at Greg in question. Greg continued his interrogation. "What do you have to offer us, other than paper-pushing skills and the bare knowledge of the legal system? Why should I hire you?"

Finally Ian woke out of his daze and looked up at Greg in horror. "Greg, who exactly are you in this company?"

Greg chuckled deeply. "Not answering my questions, not a good move for a wannabe intern here." He saw Ian stiffen in mortification and added, "But I will let that slide this once. In answer to your question, my full name is Gregory Henderson, founder and head CEO of this firm and you, my dear boy, are currently riding this elevator to the top floor of this building where my office is."

Now Ian was totally red with shock and embarrassment. He was with the CEO! Looking down in disbelief, Ian could only imagine how much he made a fool of himself this evening, with staring at his potential boss for an hour, and not treating the man with the proper respect earlier. Looking up at the powerful man, in ever sense of the word, Ian found himself staring mere inches away from the dark and dangerous eyes of Gre-Mr. Henderson.

Taking a step back, forcing his back to press against the elevator wall, Ian looked down, breaking eye contact once again. However he was forced to look up when a hand took his chin and jerked it up, causing Ian to once again stare back at the other man. Greg put his other hand on the wall, effectively trapping Ian into a corner. All Ian could see, smell, and practically feel the larger man press up against him.

"Mr. Henderson, wha–."

Greg cut him off. "I saw something I liked when I watched you in that conference Mr. Westbrooks." Greg pressed one of his legs in between Ian's, bringing him closer. With a sultry whisper, he murmured mere inches away from Ian's mouth, "And I always take what I like."

Before Ian could react, Greg slammed their mouths together, him forcing open Ian's with his tongue and diving in, claiming the smaller man. Ian fought at first, resisted as much as possible, but soon he feel under the powerful spell of Greg's presence and began sharing his tongue. The elevator filled up with the sounds of deep panting and grunts. Ian whimpered while Greg growled, him wrapping a powerful arm around the other man and bringing him even closer, molding his hard body against his captive.

Greg gave a final grunt and broke off the kiss. He gave Ian a look of utter possessiveness and feral lust. The elevator door pinged once more and slide open. With a quick fix of his tie, Greg smirked at Ian and walked out. Ian could only imagine how disheveled he looked because of Greg's fervid attack. With a quick onceover, he followed his potential boss down the long corridor.

Without looking back, Greg carried on the conversation. "In public, you are to address me as Mr. Henderson." Pulling out a set of keys, Greg unlocked a set of doors. "In the privacy of my suite, you are to call me Greg." Opening up one final door, Greg walked in and turned on a switch. The room remained dark, but the window blinds began rising up, revealing the illuminant city lights, them casting a faint glow into the room that stood taller than most other buildings in the city. "And in this room, my personal office," Greg turned and watched as Ian gave a slight jump as the door closed loudly, "you will address me as either Sir or Master."

Greg walked over to his expansive desk and leaned against it, his back to the window.

"Come here Ian."

Ian walked forward. His eyesight had adjusted to the darkness of the room and he could almost feel the immense power this man radiated here in his personal kingdom as he leaned against his throne. When he stood before Greg, he remained silent, awaiting further instruction, or even clarification as to all that was happening.

"How badly do you want this internship Ian?" whispered Greg, his voice carrying a tone of hidden desire and confidence.

Ian gulped but stood his ground. "I would do anything Sir."

Greg lifted an eyebrow. "Really?" Ian nodded. With a devious grin, he reached down and slowly unzipped his dress slacks. With a little bit of effort, he pulled out his semi-hardened shaft and let it flop against his waistline. "Then you know what to do."

Ian could only stare at it; it was certainly bigger than him, and that was saying something, since Ian had always seen his own endowment as respectable compared to most other guys in the locker room at both high school and college. With the gift of extra length and girth, Greg had effectively proven to Ian that Greg dominated him completely. Sinking to his knees, he leaned forward took a sniff. The scent that he had gotten before from Greg downstairs was nothing compared to the source, and the pungent odor left Ian slightly lightheaded.

With a deep breath, Ian took his Master into his mouth, literally salivating at the feeling of this man's hard cock in his mouth. Greg moaned and placed a hand behind Ian's head and began slightly humping his face. Ian sucked in a bit more of Greg and soon half of the man was buried deep inside him. He could go no further without his inexperienced gag reflex kicking in.

Too bad Greg had different plans.

With a firm grip on Ian's head, Greg began pushing in more of his length and soon, Ian was flailing, trying to get air. Greg grunted at the involuntary sucking Ian's throat was producing, and soon he felt his first climax building. Just then, Ian gripped his hips harshly and pushed off, gasping for air. Greg frowned and looked down.

Ian was panting as he tried to catch his breath, giving Greg a slight glare. There was a fine trail of Ian's drool linking to Greg's dick. The sight alone made Greg even harder of that was possible.

"Too much for you boy?" Greg sneered, glaring right back. "If this is too much for you, I'll just go and find another willing man down there and he'll get this coveted spot." Making a pretense of tucking away his moist penis, he wasn't surprised when he felt another hand grip his wrist, stilling his motions. Looking down again, he was glad to see Ian still on his knees, not gasping for air anymore, and still remaining firm in his position. With a twist of his hips, Greg brought himself back in front of Ian.

"Prove to me what you're capable of Ian, other than basic secretary work."

This time Ian showed the spunk he was known for in law school. With a determined look, he took another deep breath and sucked in Greg once more, going further than ever. He even took the initiative and reached inside his potential-boss's pants and drew out the heavy sack. It held two large balls and was slightly hairy as well. As Ian fondled this and sucked, Greg began moaning and humping once again. Soon his hand was back behind Ian's head and he began forcing in more of his flesh into the hot and moist cavern. Ian quickly discovered to breathe in through his nose when Greg drew out, thus he never ran out of air.

Eventually, with a little bit of pressure from his Master, Ian had taken in all of the mighty cock and was sucking away viciously on it, still gently pulling and rubbing the man's balls. Soon, he heard Greg's breath hitch, and his head was now grasped with two hands. Greg took over and began pounding in and out of Ian's grunting and growling once more.

"Yeah, that's it boy, giving you a face fuck now! Urgh, Christ you've got a sweet tongue! Your throat is even gripping me too! Not many have that skill!" panted Greg as he sped up to his climax. This time he would not be denied.

Hearing Greg's comment about not many having a throat that can grip a cock made Ian wonder just how many times Greg had done this to someone else. Desperate to prove his worth, he began sucking harder. He even abandoned his ministrations on Greg's sack and placed his hands widely on Greg's tight ass, thrusting the man's pelvis into his face, forcing his Master's cock even deeper.

"Yeah, that's it bitch, you've got it now! Uff uff uff, yes yes yeees!!!"

Greg cried out and snapped Ian's head into his crotch as he exploded. Luckily, he was so far deep that Ian didn't have to worry about choking just yet. But a small part of him really wanted to taste this man's seed.

Sensing Ian's predicament, Greg drew out before he was done shooting and flooded Ian's mouth. Caught unawares, Ian then gagged, trying to not spill a drop. Greg kept withdrawing, while Ian kept leaning forward to keep him inside his mouth. Snagging the kneeling man's hair, Greg stopped Ian's pursuit and pulled out, shooting the last remnants of his load all over Ian's face.

Staring down at the man coated in his cum, Greg gave a lecherous grin.

"Swallow it all. Now."

Ian didn't hesitate this time. He swallowed all of his Master's seed inside his mouth, and even licked off his face what he could reach with his tongue. He could feel some of Greg's cooling cum on his face still, but made no move to get at it with his hands.

His Master hadn't told him yet.

Greg was satisfied with Ian's performance, and his resistance to lick off the rest of his load. Reaching down, Greg took Ian's hand and pulled him up. When Ian stood, he looked up at his Master. With a single finger, Greg began wiping up the remaining mess on Ian's face and placed the soiled finger in his own mouth, sucking on it and giving Ian an erotic show.

Ian gave a slight whimper at having missed out of more of Greg's seed. With a devilish grin, Greg pulled his finger out and wrapped his hand behind Ian's head, pulling them together again like back in the elevator. Ian was ready this time; when the two men's lips met, Ian opened his mouth and began dueling Greg's tongue. The two sucked and bit at each other, nipping at lips and sharing cum between them. Greg reached down, felt into Ian's pants, and grasped at his own hardened shaft. Ian gasped in pleasure in the kiss and began moaning as Greg began stroking him. Back and forth he went, quickly bringing Ian almost to climax and suddenly stopping, lowering Ian's arousal.

Soon Ian was weak and had to lean against Greg. The man had complete control over him now; with one hand he held Ian's mouth to his own while with the other he determined when Ian would shoot. He kept up his cruel teasing until Ian was almost tearing, him suffering from such intense pain and pleasure. Greg felt a small amount of pity and finally brought his boy to release, speeding up his strokes.

Ian gasped, and his world exploded in stars.

Waiting for Ian to come down from his high, Greg pulled his cum-covered hand out of Ian's pants and drew away. Ian caught himself before he fell and looked up at Greg in question. Stepping back, Greg showed his hand to Ian.

"I have a special purpose for this boy. But first, I want you to strip completely and join me over by the window."

With that being said, Greg turned and walked over to the large sheet of glass and looked out at the city and all of its bright wonders. He could hear behind him Ian unzipping and pulling off his clothes, them making slight noise while his dress shoes and belt clumped to the floor. Greg felt a presence behind him and looking over his reflections' shoulder, he saw Ian staring at him in question. With a slight wave of his hand, the clean one, Greg beckoned Ian to stand next to him.

"Look at it Ian. This city is something else, and standing this tall up, above all the mundane and filth. Its men like us that govern the lawless, that show people to not be afraid, that we will guide and protect them with our power and knowledge. Wouldn't you agree?"

Greg didn't have to look at Ian to know the man nodded his head. "Yes Sir."

Continuing, Greg motioned out across the skyline. "Before this city though, we are naked, just as you are. If we mess up, nothing can protect us, because just as surely as we know the law and how it functions, the law governs and monitors us. But we can be above the law if we show it we have nothing to hide. That is why you are naked and standing before this window. You will show this city your purity in your actions."

Ian frowned a bit at hearing that. Unable to contain his curiosity, he voiced out, "Sir? Master, why me? What's so special about me?" Ian had to know, why did this god of a man choose him out of the other many prospects downstairs. How did he get this god made flesh, this sexual demon, to zone in on him?

"It was because you remind me so much of what I was like before I got to where I am now Ian. You portray this air of innocence and strength, and I knew that I had to have you under my wing, to tutor and guide so you can run this company one day." Placing his clean hand on Ian's shoulder, he gently guided him to stand in front of him.

Now Ian stood and faced the city night life. He was naked as the day he was born, his body lit up by the glow of the city. Greg moved up behind him and leaned in, whispering in his ear.

"You will follow in my footstep Ian. You," Greg reached down and parted Ian's ass cheeks, "you will become my protégé." He smeared the remnants of Ian's seed on Ian's quivering hole, it clenching and winking at Greg. Rubbing in all of Ian's seed, plus a of spit from his mouth, Greg moved behind him and positioned himself.

"Now, prepare yourself boy."

With that being said, Greg grabbed Ian's hips and slammed in, sheathing himself completely in the hole. Ian cried out in both pleasure and pain as he was pushed the rest of the way into the window. He reached up to get some purchase on the smooth glass, but only succeeded in leaving smudge marks as he was pounded viciously by his Master behind him.

Greg cried out too with Ian, only in pleasure though at feeling the hot and extremely tight passage around his impressive girth. Growling possessively, he gripped Ian's hips tightly, leaving bruises in the shape of fingers, and began slamming in. Ian whimpered in subservience, his whole body shaking at the assault Greg was laying on to it. His cock was pressing uncomfortably against the window as he tried to push back against Greg. But with each slam into him and his ass, Ian groaned and lost a bit more of his strength against his Master.

"Oh yes Sir, deeper, uhh, deeper!"

"Yeah, you like that my little slut! Grrr, take it all!"

Greg began drawing out his cock almost completely, leaving only the tip of the large head inside Ian before forcing at all back in. Every time he did this, he would slam into Ian's prostate and Ian would cry out Greg's name, begging for more pleasure.

Soon Ian couldn't take it anymore; despite the slight pain and pressure on his cock, he felt his second orgasm coming.

"Master, I'm coming, shit here it comes!" Ian shot out, erupting onto the window pane.

Greg grunted and took Ian's dick into his hand, pumping out the last of his seed. "Did I say you could cum Boy?!" He tightened his grip on Ian, causing the other man to cry out in pain at the pressure on his now sensitive cock.

"Please Master, I'm sorry!"

"Oh you will be sorry soon you whore. You never cum before me!" With that declaration, Greg began slapping Ian's ass, leaving large red handprints on the bare flesh. After a few minutes of the abuse, Ian's legs buckled under the pain, causing him to slide down and come face to face with the guilty load. Greg, not missing a beat, folded too, and kept his rock hard cock inside Ian's delicious butt.

Not slapping the boy's tight ass anymore, Greg yanked Ian by the hair and yelled, "Lick it up! My protégé doesn't leave any messes!"

Ian complied and began lapping up his own seed. Greg went back to pounding away, and soon Ian was groaning again. His ass tightened on Greg's cock on final time and soon, Greg felt his biggest load ever building up. Grabbing Ian's hands with his own, he slammed the man into the window with his cock still inside him while he spread his upper body across the huge window.

There was a brief pause, where both Ian and Greg looked out into the night up at the moon. It ended when Greg roared out, his climax shooting deep inside Ian, claiming him as his own. Greg's vice-like grip on Ian held for a few minutes more, until finally the man pulled out, leaving a gasping Ian moaning at the feeling of emptiness deep inside him.

Greg stood and picked up Ian in his arms bridal style and carried him over to a futon sitting in the corner of his office. Its existence was there to ensure that Greg got in a good nap every now and then, and right now he needed a good rest. Laying Ian down first, he stripped off his own business suit which he wore the entire time, and grabbed a blanket from the closet. Spooning behind Ian, he nibbled on his Boy's ear and neck, leaving kisses here and there.

Ian was barely cognizant of his surroundings. He could feel his Master behind him. With a barely audible mumble, he whispered out, "So does this mean I get the job Master?"

Chuckling deeply, Greg wrapped both arms around Ian, one under him and the other over, and held him close.

"Yeah, you got the job Ian."

Ian smiled, glad that he not only secured a position in a powerful law firm, he also found someone with whom he could belong to.

Greg felt sleep overtaking him and mumbled out one last thing to his newly-found protégé.

"Just wait until you meet the Board of Directors."