Sorry, Guys! I've reached the point in the story where I cannot write anymore. It's not writer's block or anything - just the need to publish. If I'm going to have this on bookshelves (after a couple more drafts to work out the kinks) then I need to keep the exciting ending OFF of the internet. I'm sure those with similar aspirations will understand.

If you have any more ideas, criticisms, comments, suggestions, ANYTHING - leave a review, and I will take all those into account while writing.

I love this story. It will be a three-part series when it's all finished. My husband is encouraging me to live the dream and publish a book, so I need to leave this story off where it is. I will probably start writing another story on fictionpress, so if you like my writing, you can subscribe to me as an author, and receive updates when I get those chapters uploaded. I do have another story all written out ( a bit shorter maybe ) but I don't plan on publishing that one, so I promise to finish it here.

Please do let me know what you think of my writing. I welcome any comments, suggestions, and even criticisms. Thank you all for reading!