Do you still feel the same way?

Do you still harbour a heart in the cave of your chest?

Does it still beat?

I don't think you care any more

I think you ripped up your heart

Like the Valentine's flowers in the bin

The ones you shredded with your cruel hands

My peace offering

And another fight ago you swore this would stop

Swore the sweet needle would never again

No, never again

Touch that white skin of yours

But a trip down the road and you're lying to the stars

Screaming like you're on a rollercoaster

As the pavement turns to red

And my eyes turn to silver

I think you left your heart

On the back seat of your car

Left it to be stolen by

The same men who stole your leather jacket

One leather jacket for all your sins

Those sins, so soft and delicate

Smooth against my skin

And your words in my ear, saying 'never again'

Falling out of love with you

And madly into it

I pick up the shards of glass from the floor

Even though they cut my fingers

And watch you tie the tourniquet

Sink into bliss again

Tell me you love me and I'm a good girl

And beg me to kiss you like I love you too

And your mouth tastes acidic

Sharp, like metal

Raw like my heart

Did you know it still has enough blood left to bleed?

No, never again.

Be a good girl and come to bed.