"Nick get out of my way." She pushed the tall black-haired boy out of her way. But he moved in front of her again. She was blocked by him and the crowded hallway. "Please Nick!" The boy just smiled down at her. Now she was getting angry. She pushed him once again in the chest. But this did not affect him, but then again she was not a very strong girl. "Oh my God! Nick get out of my way! There is a lock out this period! And I'm already late!" She tried walking around him, but the other students just pushed her back in front of him. She annoyingly pushed her dark curly hair out of her eyes.

"Calm down, McKnight. I need to talk to you." Nick asked. The girl huffed and leaned back on her feet.

"What is so important? Can't this wait until school gets out? Or until English tomorrow?" She exclaimed loudly, throughly annoyed.

"No this is important. I need to talk to you now!" He stated. The girl pushed him again once more just as the crowd let up and she moved around him, booking it down to her class, way at the end of the hallway.

"Come on, McKnight, I need to talk to you." He followed her as she nearly ran down the hall. "Slow down already!" He grabbed onto her overly large book bag, stopping her. The girl whipped around so fast her hair hit the boy in the face and her neck cracked.

"What do you WANT?!" The red-faced girl nearly yelled. The boy didn't seem surprised at her outburst.

"Jeez, McKnight, calm down!" He shrugged his shoulders. The girl huffed once more and crossed her arms over her chest glaring at the boy in front of her. By now the hall was almost deserted except for the few stragglers.

"Please, Nick, tell me already before I rip your head off!" She stamped her foot. He chuckled at her, and her glare worsened.

"Okay. Okay." The boy held up his hands defensively. "Okay....what would you think about getting me and Brooke together?" He grinned deviously. The girl exploded. She threw her hands up in the air stomping her feet.

"Are you crazy?!" She yelled. "She's already going out with someone else! And you know that!" She poked a finger in his chest, punctuating ever word.

"Oh, come on you can convince her to come to me." He pointed to himself in a really conceded manner. "She already liked me before."

The girl's face turned a brighter red. "I WILL NOT BREAK UP BROOKE AND ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS! JUST SO YOU CAN HAVE A GIRLFRIEND FOR A WEEK!" She yelled at the top of her lungs glowering at Nick and pushing him as she moved closer to him.

"Aww come on, babe, can't ya help me out?" He laughed brushing his hand up against her arm. She swatted the hand away.


Then a door opened to the right of the girl. A group of students came out of the classroom to see what the disturbance was. Nick nodded to a tall dark brown haired boy standing in the tiny crowd.

"Hey, McKnight, do you want to go on a date with Austin Sanders this Friday?"

The girl's mouth hung open speechless. And the dark brown haired boy, Austin Sanders, smiled at her. The girl looked between Nick and Austin.

"Yes. I'd love to." She smiled sweetly at Austin.

"Thanks for giving her the message, Nick." Austin told Nick, clapping him on the back.

"No problem." He told Austin. Then he turned to the girl. "And, McKnight, I was only playing when it came to Brooke. I'm not that big of – how did you put it? - "dick head"." He laughed as the girl blushed in embarrassment.

"I'm sorry, Nick. But do you really have to be that annoying?" She asked, rather annoyed by the older boy.

"Hey, you guys, get back in here!" A teacher yelled at the tiny crowd. As the crowd left Austin stepped forward to the girl.

"I'll see you after class?"

"Yes." She smiled sheepishly, and stood on her tiptoes and kissed the tall boy on his cheek. After blushing furiously she skipped down the hall to her class, happily.

Austin watched her skip along smiling dreamily and happily. He thanked his friend Nick once again before going to his class. Nick just stood there watching the exchange between his two friends. Thinking to himself "I really need a girlfriend.".