I am so telling mom.

If Mae thinks she can get away with this without me telling, she is so wrong.

And what exactly is this?

It's Mae and her friends leaving me in the woods and letting me get lost.

Mae is my older sister by three years, which means she's seventeen and thinks that she's above everybody. And yes, when I say everybody, that does include me. So when she has her three best friends over, I'm just so uncool that I can't even go near any of the four without being yelled at!

Which leaves me all alone, doing nothing, all weekend.

I'll be honest. Mae isn't the only one that thinks I'm uncool. My whole grade has the same mindset that she does. Just because I'm not as pretty as other girls, I have no friends.

Which is kind of why momma babys me and makes Mae do everything with me. Like this morning, for instance. When Mae and her friends wanted to go into the woods, I wanted to go with them. Mae whined about it, but in the end, mom made her take me with her.

"It's cold," I mumble, as I wrap my arms around myself. My thin jacket wasn't keeping me warm at all. I keep walking straight ahead, dodging tree limbs when needed.

I am so lost. This is totally no fair! Doesn't Mae know that I could serio-


Great. Just great.

I must have been seriously in thought, considering that I just walked straight into a creek! Now I'm wet, cold, and lost, I just want to....to.....to.....I don't know but I want to do something!

"Mae! You are so mean!" I yelled at the top of my lungs.

I started clmbing up the creek bank. When I got to the top, I stopped.

There was a clearing full of green grass and sun was actually shining and just made the clearing even more entrancing. But the thing that caught my attention was not the clearing. It was the tree at the end of the clearing. It was old. I could tell by how far the roots grew out and the width of it. It was amazing. It was just so big!

There was that and something else.

In the middle of the clearing sat a boy.