I finished crawling up the creek bank. It was hard, considering that I'm not that athletic. But at the moment, I wasn't focused on my horrible physical skills.

I was focused on the Tree.

It was....magical.

It was as if it was.....different, somehow.

As if it was forbidden.

It's presence just held this aura of peace and serenity.

And I loved that feeling.

And as if my body knew what it wanted, it walked closer to the tree. Just a few steps closer, and I would be in the field. The field full of flowers and green grass.....

And the boy.

Next thing I knew, I was lying upon the ground, with some guy over me. And it was very awkward for me considering that the guy was straddleing me, with his hands on either side of my face. He was literally holding me down and holding my face still to look at him.

"Don't pass into the meadow," he said after an enternity of his sapphire blue eyes looking into my dull green ones. His well-developed voice was barely a whisper and came out as if it had to be chocked out.

"Why?" I breathed out, more as a statement than a question.

"Because," he said.

He leaned down towards me and turned my face to the side so he could........

.........so he could smell my hair.

He took deep breaths of it, as if he was savoring it or making it last.

And the strangest part was that I didn't care.

I loved the feel of his breath coming out on my neck. It was warm. It made me feel giddy inside. It was pure pleasure.

I wanted more.

I grabbed for his blonde hair. First, I hesitantly ran my fingers through it. After a few seconds of the silk strands running across my fingers, I caught hold of them.

I pulled his head from my neck and looked deep in his eyes again.

I saw a look of understanding there.

And without hesitation, he leaned down and caught my lips.