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Princess Perfect

I happily trotted to my closet, clasping anything in my reach to look over. I twirled while grabbing anything that I could find, throwing everything in the air. Today was my big day. The day I was officially sixteen, and it had been a Saturday, perfect day to celebrate. I stopped to glance over a silver dress, dull yet glimmering. A paradox. I smiled, placing the hanger over my chest to see if it would be right for me. I found a mirror near a shelve of some of my designer shoes and smiled again.

The dress went to my mid-thighs, and it appeared tight around there so the inside of the dress would release out more. It would be perfect. I skipped to one of my dressing rooms and slipped it on carefully. Pure silk. I gracefully danced out towards the room in bare feet, my hair for once released that the ebony bangs covered my chocolate eyes. Life was perfect.

I gazed at myself in the mirror at the reflection. All I needed was shoes. I threw shoes off the shelf, rummaging through everything in hope of finding silver ones that would match my dress. Of course, I did. I had everything.

"Daddy's little rich girl," I spoke to myself as I slipped on some simple silver heels. Well, to me, they were simple, but they were so worth stealing for anyone else. Lucinda rushed in, her red locks in a tight bun at the top of her head.

"Hi there. Well, look at you, Selena." I struck a pose, puckering my lips as well. Lucinda's giggled, cracking her red lipstick. I glanced down at her outfit. She wore a white jacket with black blotches over it. Her skirt was as red as her lipstick and as horrible as a garbage truck. She slid her tongue over her teeth, looking at my dress.

"You look... so boring. And like you're worth twenty dollars. Oh, wait!" She paused, placing a hand near her mouth for sarcastic drama. "You are worth twenty dollars! Ha!" She walked past me towards a dress I had on display, and I gazed at her jacket.

"You look... like a cow. Wait, you're as fat as one!" I giggled. "How's that... Betty Crocker diet coming along? I think those cupcakes are doing well for you. Nice six-pack." Her smiled vanished, a pure look of annoyance splattered on her face.

"You watch it, missy."

"I'll remember that. Now who did Daddy pay for the gig to play at the party?"

Lucinda smiled a rather disgusting smile. "This guy named Nikko Brandenell. He plays guitar and sings! Wonderful, isn't it?" I stamped my foot angrily like an immature child.

"I've never heard of him! I told Daddy not to get someone who I didn't know!"

Lucinda smiled. "Well, too bad, you spoiled brat. He's new. You'll know him before anyone else does!" She raised her head high in the air and sticked her butt out, walking out in that position. Wicked stepmother. I glanced at the mirror once more. I loved the way I looked. Like a princess.

And that was who I was. I was the society girl of the city. I was the princess. And I was going to get crowned today.

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