"Scars are just tattoos with better stories."

You want to know about my
"tattoos"? Identical crosses in
the arches of my feet, to show
how much I can take. Circle on
my right shin because I tripped,
but the bleeding made me feel
again. Three fat blisters on my left
knee, just because I couldn't feel
the pain. Who knows how many
that have faded away from my
right thigh, just to feel the metal
digging in. Scratches up and down
my back, where razors dragged over
and over again. Side-by-side thin
marks inside my left elbow, barely
three weeks old. A razor blade from
the shower still makes its mark
on my wrist, next to the eraser that
I used to shred myself open. How
many people would you tell that
story? How many of your friends
would you tell the truth?