What happens when a dream dies?

What remains?

A dream has no bodies to burry

No flesh to burn

Does it have a soul that lives on?

Does it disappear?

Does it fade away like mist in the sunlight?

Or does is crawl somewhere safe to hide?

To sleep away the winter of hopelessness?

What happens when a dream dies?

Does it fall to pieces?

Leaving only fragments of it former self

Or does it disappear as if it never had existed at all

How can a dream be so strong yet fragile?

How can a dream last a lifetime yet be smashed to pieces in moments?

What is a dream made out of?





Do they ever step into reality?

These dreams?

These dreams of men?

Are they foolish to believe in them?

What happens when a dream dies?

And what if your dream

Your image of perfection

Is a person

What if they die?

Would your dreams die with them?

Or live on?

What if you are my dream?

And I didn't know

What if you were the one I was looking for?

What if I lost hope?

Would you hold my hand

Tell me it would alright

Is it possible for a dream to live again?

If it died

But you where my dream and still alive

What if I loved you?

Would that dream die?

And if it did

What would happen?

Would my fire burn out?

Would life loose its glow?

Would I ever see your face again?

Would I ever want to?

What happens to a dream when it dies?