Seeing you with her

It cuts my soul

My heart

My mind

It's almost worse than not seeing you at all

But I know I couldn't do that

I can't go for long without seeing you

Without hearing your voice

It like you are my sun

My light

And am a foolish



Flying closer and closer to you

Slowly dying

Beating myself to pieces

Just trying to get closer

Closer to you

To your warmth

To your heart

To you

And to think

I didn't even know you existed for all those years

And now

I couldn't think of my existence without you

You are pulling me in


Always closer

Will I ever be free?

Or will I die

Consumed by your heat

Your fire

Will I beat myself until there is nothing left?

Or will you save me?

Will you put an end to this misery?

Tell me you are mine

And I, yours

Hold me close

So I can feel your warmth

Don't make me fight for it

Would you save me?

I scream as I try once again to get closer

Opening fresh wounds

Will you save me?

But you don't seem to hear

You don't seem to notice

I knew it was too much to hope for…

A silly moth is all I will be

Always fighting

And never getting what I want

Always hurting myself

Never being healed

Just a foolish moth

Battering itself to pieces

Just trying to get to the light

Trying to get to you