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My Final Stand

I'd always been told I was born with a gun in my hand. I was born in the prairie in the 1800s. My father came from Boston looking for a better life when he met my mother at a fur trading on the way out to the frontier. My father was an immigrant from Ireland while my mother was an Indian. They got married before my father built a cabin and moved my mother out there. It had one room with a bed, a fireplace, some furniture, two windows, and a shed/stable for the horse and cow.

I came along the first year they were out there. There wasn't a midwife for a hundred miles and neither my mother nor father knew what to do but luckily they had befriended an old Indian medicine woman who lived nearby. When she delivered me she said I was going to live a life of bad luck and strife. My parents didn't believe her; they didn't want to believe it.

It started when I was eight. I was feeding our mare when my father came out of the cabin with his prize pistol. He loved that gun like a second son. He always kept it hidden when he didn't have it in his belt to keep me from shooting myself. He had it in his hand when he saw that the cow had broken her tether from the pole we tied her to, to keep her from running off. He set his gun on one of the fence posts instead of into his belt and went to catch her.

And I being the little curious boy, went and grabbed my father's gun. Some how it seemed to be a perfect fit for my hand. It wasn't too light or too heavy, just right. It was nicely polished from all the rubbing my father did with his hankie. I saw one of the rabbits that were constantly eating the vegetables in our garden. I had seen my father shoot at them trying to scare them away if he at least couldn't kill one. I aimed down the barrel of the gun and pulled the trigger. A jolt went up my arm but it felt good.

My father came a running from where he had tied up the cow and quickly yanked the gun from my hands. He looked me over for a second before starting to yell at me for touching his gun when I knew perfectly well that I wasn't allowed to. My mother came out when she heard him yelling and saw my father yelling at me for touching his gun. She proceeded to come running to make sure I was okay and that I wasn't hurt. As they checked and yelled at me I was craning my neck to see if I had gotten the rabbit.

"I got it!" I yelled giving a jump and pointing toward the motionless form on the ground near the garden.

My father stopped his tyrant before asking, "What are you talking about lad?"

"I got the rabbit! I got the rabbit I was aiming at!"

My parents followed my pointing finger and they looked at each other with a look of disbelief. My father went and picked it up and brought it back for my mother to look at. And right in the head was a clean hole where the bullet had entered. My mother took the rabbit back into the cabin and prepared it for supper that night. It somehow tasted better because I had had shot it. When my father walked away shaking his head I couldn't help but smile. The rabbit had been 35 yards away.


"Michael! Help!"

I wiped the sweat from my brow and tried to focus. I saw Jenny tied up at the tree just ten feet away from me with a couple of big fellows surrounding her. One was rather tall and thin though I knew better than to misjudge a person by their looks. Another was squat and fat, but my biggest worry was the tall and well muscled one.

He leered at me and said in a falsetto, "Help Michael help!"

"Let her go!"

"And what are you going to do if I don't?"

I drew my six-gun from my belt and pointed it at him. "I might just have to kill you." I slowly pulled the trigger. Bang. There was a wet splatter and a thump. I pointed it at the other two fellows and more quickly this time pulled the trigger twice. Bang. Bang. There were two more wet splatters and thumps.

I quickly ran over to Jen and untied her. She gave me a joyous hug around my neck before kissing me on the cheek. "You're my hero Michael!"

I calmly put my gun back into my belt and adjust my hat on my head. "It's all right ma'am. I'm just doing what's right."

The big tall fellow sits up and shakes his head. "I can't believe how well ya can shoot Michael. You shoot better than even my Pa." Drake smiled up at me before heaving himself up and brushing off dirt from his trousers.

I laugh as the other two sit up. Thomas, the short and stocky one, brushed off the remains of the apple out of his hair and whined, "I just washed Michael. Now I'll have to wash again."

"When was the last time you washed Thomas? A week ago? I think it's time for you to have another wash."

"And why did I 'ave to 'ave the smaller apple?" complained Ashton, the tall and thin one. He rubbed his head trying not to think about how far away the bullet had been from his head.

"You needn't worry Ash. Your thick skull would 'ave saved ya." He frowned at me before standing up.

I laughed before Jenny let go of my neck and stretched her arms. "I'm sorry fellas, but my papa will give me a whippin' if I don't hurry home for supper."

We all waved at her as she ran across the fields on her way home. The other guys started talking about the cattle auction coming to town and how their papas were going to bring them with them, as I continued to watch Jenny go. I couldn't help it. For some reason those past two years I'd noticed I had feelings for her that were more than friendship.

She was rather quiet around the other girls of the town but she just lit up when she was around us. I guess it was because she'd known us most of her life, since our families were the first ones out that way.

She had long, long shiny black hair that made me think of the best horse in town, which her papa happened to own. Maybe her mother was a horse. She didn't have a mother until her father remarried five years ago. She got along well enough with her stepmother, who tried to please Jenny all the time. She only gave her simple chores and sometimes would even do those for her.

She had deep, deep green eyes that shone like the North star and as fresh as new autumn apples. I would have loved to look into them all day but she would just slap my arm and call me silly if I did something like that.

I sighed and looked away from the crest of the hill she had disappeared over and tuned in to the conversation the guys were having. They had progressed to talking about the pretty girls in town, which always happened when Jenny disappeared.

"I rather like the look of Miss Christine Clerval," said Drake.

"I don't know MarĂ­a Sanchez is quite a nice looking lady," said Ashton.

"Yer both wrong. Danielle Auburn is the per'tiest in the town," cut in Thomas.

Then the conversation as it always did ended in a wrestling match with each yelling who they thought was the best looking girl in town. I usually tended to stay out of that conversation because I wasn't ready yet to tell anyone about who was in my thoughts when I thought of the prettiest girl in town.

I looked back over at the hill that just beyond Jenny's house lay when I saw smoke rise from the turf. Usually I wouldn't have taken another glance but there was too much smoke to be just a fire in the fireplace.

"Jenny!?" I called as I started to run towards her house. "Jenny!"

The boys looked up from where they were grappling on the ground and saw the smoke. They quickly forgot their tussle and ran after me also yelling her name. Of course, with me having the head start I got to the crest of the hill first and looked on at horror at what was happening at my feet.

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Please, oh, please tell me what you think!! I have another chapter started but I'm not sure if I should end it in the second chap or continue with it. Please let me know what you think!