I hope you enjoy this chapter. I've decided because of this chapter and ideas for the next chapters to change the rating to M. Enjoy!

The log cabin that I'd known since I'd met Jenny was ablaze and smoke was pouring out of it like bullets from my gun. The barn was on fire too and I could hear the horses and cows screaming through the thick smoke. Then someone must have opened the paddocks because just then the horses raced out of the barn and started to run away except men were trying to rope them up.

There were three men that I could see with ropes chasing after the horses but there were another three standing around a huddle of people. One man barked out an order and one ruffian lunged forward and grabbed who I saw was to be Henry Dunkin, Jenny's father. The men started to laugh as the man barked out another order and Mr. Dunkin was forced to his knees and his hands brought up to the back of his head. Then the man barking orders pulled out a shiny pistol placed it to Mr. Dunkin's head and slowly pulled the trigger.

The women screamed and I could hear Jenny's one-year-old half-brother John yelling for his pa. Mr. Dunkin's body slumped to the ground and the earth stained red around him. I thought I could see something red in the back of his head and I almost retched when I realized it was his brain. The man gave a harsh loud laugh and that was when the guys caught up with me and looked down at the scene enfolding in front of us.

I couldn't do a thing. I couldn't do a damn thing. I was petrified at what I was witnessing to. Why would someone want to attack the Dunkin family? Who would want to kill Mr. Dunkin? He was a gentle man but wasn't afraid to speak his mind. That's the thing. Was.

I watched as the man barked out more orders at the men but he kept staring at Mr. Dunkin's body as if he still expected it to move or breath. The two men lunged and grabbed at Jenny and her stepmother, who was clutching John with all her strength. A tall muscular man grabbed Jenny from behind and wrapped his big hairy arms around her waist, but they weren't exactly around her waist.

The man leaned down towards her ear and said something and I could see Jenny try to kick herself away from the big hairy man but he just laughed and I could hear him say through the crackling flames and frightened horse screams, "I like me women feisty."

I saw red swimming in front in my eyes and I pulled out my six-gun. Drake, Ashton, and Thomas saw me draw my gun and they grimly nodded their heads silently saying they were in it with me but I didn't see. All I could see was the hairy man with his arms wrapped around Jenny dragging her to his horse. I wasn't paying attention to the other man that had grabbed Jenny's stepmother, Rachel, and was dragging her to his horse after pulling John out of her arms and shooting him in his round baby face. I could faintly hear a high-pitched wail but I was already running down the hill with my gun cocked and ready. I aimed at the man that was already on his horse trying to drag Jenny onto his horse and quickly pulled the trigger.

The man's eyes glazed over as a river of red ran down his face from the clean bullet hole right between his eyes. He slumped over and Jenny fell down onto the earth with a plume of dirt as she looked up at the man that was fancying of stealing her away. She looked over at me with a shocked look on her face then one of horror. I quickly turned around with my gun ready but there was already a gun pointed pointblank at me head. I had forgotten the leader of the pack.

Now that he was up close I got a good look at him. He was clean-shaven and his face looked rather young. He had a nose that looked like it had been broken twice and there was a scar going from the corner of his left eye curving down to his jaw and I thought I could see it go down his throat and down his shirt. He had dark brown hair cut short with what looked to be with a hunting knife and he had a bandanna tied around his head. He wore a loose once white shirt, a pair of light trousers and high knee boots. He had on a rather nice gun belt with a shiny brass buckle.

"And what do ya thinkin' ya'll doing, with our booty?" I saw him turn a lustful look at Jenny.

I slowly raised my gun with the intent of shooting him in the growing bulge of his pants but somehow he realized what I was doing and said with a deep growl, "I'd be putting that gun down sonny. If you know what's good for you, you'd put it down right at your feet."

In disgust I threw down my gun and stood at the mercy of the gang leader. He eyed me a moment before he called to one of the men and told him to come over. That was when I actually looked at the scene that was laid out before me and it made me sick to my stomach.

Mr. Dunkin lay on the ground with a red halo around his head that growing and growing as the blood seeped into the dry earth. John, or what was left of poor baby John, lay about thirty feet away from his father with his own bloody halo. Rachel was trussed up like a hog and was thrown across someone's saddle and was sobbing into the belly of the beast from the loss of her husband and darling child. Drake, Ashton, and Thomas were still trying to fight the one man left who was now being helped by two of the horse wranglers who all laughed at them. Then Jenny sat in the dirt with a very frightened look on her face and I was proud that she hadn't fainted though I wished that she would get up and try to run away. If they shot and killed her at least it would be better than what they have planned for her.

The man that came over asked, "What's it you want Sonny?"

"John, I want you to hold the kid here as I grab the girl."

John pointed his gun at me as Jeff Ol' Sonny put his back in his belt and grabbed Jenny by her waist and hauled her up. She started to beat him with her fists trying to get away but Sonny slapped her twice once with an open palm and the other back handed and she stopped with in daze. He pushed her against the barn wall and pushed himself against her and I could see him grind against her.

I started to take a step toward them to try to make him stop but I heard a click as the hammer of Big John's gun went back and he chuckled, "I wouldn't try that if I were you sonny. Or else I'll have to shoot a maggot hole through your heart."

I stopped moving but I looked away as Ol' Sunny started to hitch up Jenny's dress up around her hips. I couldn't watch anymore as I heard her start to cry and whimper and him slap her again. I guess he wasn't feeling up to it because the sounds stopped and when I looked up Jenny was whole and Ol' Sonny was grinning at my discomfort.

He tied Jenny to his horse then he came back over to me with a wide grin. I drew myself off knowing that he was going to kill me before he rode off with Jenny. If I was going to die I wanted to die with some dignity, which was something this dog didn't have.

"Now boy, I'm going to leave with my men but I think I'm going to let you live," said Sonny. "I'm certainly not going to leave you in one piece though."

He took out his knife from the back of his belt and set the blade against my cheek as he held my face firmly so I wouldn't squirm out of his grasp. Then with one fluid motion he slashed at my face and my face screamed with pain as blood dripped in my eyes. I grabbed at my face and dropped to my knees as the pain blinded my thoughts.

I heard Sonny yell to his men and a few second later a dozen horses thundering away. Thomas, Ashton, and Drake rushed over to me but the world was already growing fuzzy and faint as I slipped into the emptiness. That wonderful void of nothingness.