A/N: Ok after writing this section for an RP I felt this would make an excellent beginning to a story. So here's the background on it. Tim and Christina grew up together in Los Angeles. At 16 they began dating and one night Tim proposed. But instead of Christina saying yes she ran away and went to a bar. At the bar she met Zane Lewis where he laced her drink and raped her. The next morning Tim found Christina in Zane's arms and was heartbroken and furious. He left without explanation and when Christina went to go after him Zane threatened to kill her if she didn't stay. So fearing for her life. Christina stayed. Later that week the Tim and his family left and weren't heard from since.

A year later after Christina finally got away from Zane she went to Creston, Iowa to live with her father, That's where she bumped into a still very hurt Tim. For the next couple weeks every time Tim and Christina were around each other they argued. Their arguments always dealt with the past. During one of their arguments Christina told Tim she was pregnant with his child but lost the baby at 4 months due to a kick to the stomach by Zane.

All of this tension and arguing drives Christina and Tim to sleep together one night and that is what brings us to the beginning of my FF. This fan fic begins 2 weeks after Christina and Tim sleep together. ENJOY.

Chapter 1

Christina just left school as she was in a rush to get to the doctor before it was too late. For the past couple of days she complained about headaches, body aches and nausea. At first she thought it was nothing just a little bug, but as the symptoms lasted for longer than a week she began to worry.

She was almost near her car when she saw Tim stomping his way towards her with his sister Alicia and step-brother Nathan a couple feet behind.

"Here we go again." Christina muttered as she threw her back pack in the back seat of her car and leaned against the door waiting for Tim to approach. "I don't wanna argue right now Tim. I have to get to the doctor before it's too late." Christina said when he was close enough to hear.

"Nathan, Alicia can we have a minute please." Tim asked his siblings and watched as they nodded and walked away. "You ran out of home room this morning and you are barely eating now talk." He said firmly

"God Tim it's nothing can we please talk about something else if not let me leave. Ima be late for my appointment and if I miss it I wont get another one for months and by then it'll be too late." she said

He huffed."Too late for what, Christina!? Tell me already, damn it!!"

"For nothing. Just drop it please I'm begging you." She pleaded. "Lets talk about something else."

"No!! I won't drop it. Tell me. I'm tired of you lying and pushing me away!" Tim yelled causing people to look at them.

"Im not pushing you away whats wrong with me is not your concern. I'll take care of it. I've been caring for my self for the last year I can continue it now Tim. There's nothing wrong with me im fine I probably just ate something bad." She told him

He grabbed her arm and stood against the door so she couldn't leave."I'm not moving until you tell me. And I mean the truth because I'll know if you're lying..."

"Fine." Christina said with a little bit of tears coming down her face. "I MIGHT be pregnant. Ok is that what you wanted to hear. Now please move." She said looking around the parking lot and biting her lip.

Tim let go of Christina's arm furiously and began to walk away. He was in so much of a trance that he didn't notice Tyler Michaels speeding down the parking lot and heading right towards him.

By the time he realized it, it was too late Tyler ran right into him sending him down the parking lot.

The last thing Tim heard before passing out was Christina screaming his name.

3 Hours Later

Christina sat in Tim's room and watched him sleep. She silently sighed as she looked at his damaged body. 3 fractured ribs, a broken leg, some internal bleeding (which they stopped), and some very minor head damage. She began to cry realizing all of this was because of her. Because she didn't want to tell him she might be pregnant.

Christina felt that if they would of stopped arguing for 5 minutes she would of seen the car coming and pulled Tim back before the car threw him down the street.

But because he cared more about getting the truth out Christina than paying attention Tim was now struggling to live.

Again she hated herself for this. She blamed this all on herself.

She wanted him to be happy, She wanted so desperately to hear his laugh again but she knew as long as she was in his life she would never hear that sound escape his mouth. So she made a drastic decision. In order to see Tim happy she had to leave.

She cried harder at her final decision as she pulled a blank paper and a pen out of her bag and began to write her goodbye letter to Tim.

To The Man My World Once Revolved Around,

By the time you wake up and read this letter I would be gone. No, I didn't kill myself, I just left Creston, in hopes of you finally being happy. Over the past couple weeks I have done very stupid things which resulted in bringing you pain. Believe me that was never my intention. What I wanted for you was something far better than pain. I always promised myself that if I ever ran into you again I would tell you everything that happened with Zane and how me and you had a son together that never got to fully enjoy his life because it was ended to soon by a monster. I promised myself that I would tell you I never stopped thinking about you, and how I still loved you with every beat of my heart. I also promised myself that no matter what I would see to it that your happy as you can tell I already broke that promise because as of right now your in the hospital badly injured because of my childish ways. So In order to keep my word to myself I'm leaving. Please don't try and find me because by the time your already healed I would be far away. As for if I am pregnant. I would just tell my baby every single night how much their daddy loves them and how at one time we were happy together. I love you Tim. Don't ever doubt for a second I didn't...

Until We Meet Again... All My Love.

Christina looked down at the tear stained paper one more time before folding it and placing it on Tim's chest. "I love you." She whispered in his ear before giving him one last kiss on the lips and exiting the room silently. Not once looking back.

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