A charred and scarred Earth is not a pretty one. It is one nearly devoid of all life. It has no animals, no plants, the water is completely polluted and most of the colors are gone too for that matter. This is the Earth that I one day awoke to. As I write this journal almost seven years after the event, I can still remember each detail. My eyes opened to the usual steel room and then a wave of gas moved through the wall fifteen feet in front of me and continued over my Cryo Chamber Operator towards me. The poor man never had a chance as the biowaste material flooded every pore of his body and destroyed each atom of living tissue individually. I had thought, in the half second following this scene that I was about to die and see Hell with my own eyes, but if that had happened, then there would be no story. If I had died that tragic day, a day that was later called the Day of Wrath, then I would not be writing any of this down in my journal. Thus, as you can probably guess, the biowaste material raged around me for a few moments before moving on through the rest of the facility. The reason I was able to survive was a gene that I shared with nearly three million people worldwide.

The year? As I write this journal, my electronic calendar reads 2373. Yet as far as when this story opens and begins, the year is 2366. Seven years have passed since then, seven long years of brutal survival. As for whom I am, I am one of two surviving genetically altered humans called Hybrids. At one point, there were a couple hundred of us serving under the US government, but in WWIII, all but two of us were killed and the other one defected over to our greatest enemy, the Chinese. WWIII ended in a draw on March 3, 2363 with the signing of a peace treaty that no one really liked. This peace treaty ended all Wars and demilitarized all nations by 2370. Not a very good treaty. It also outlawed the use of a new weapon called a Bio bomb. It had no blast radius of an explosion, all it did was used a biological waste to destroy living tissue. Non living organisms remained untouched and just fine while all living cells were broken down into nothing. It actually destroyed matter. Even though the use was outlawed, countries still developed them more and more till it was thought that almost every country had at least ten. On May 5, 2366, Mexico decided it was done with the treaty and launched off all fifty of its bio bombs at China. China retaliated and that started every country on the path to destruction. By the dawn of May 6, every bomb in existence had been launched and most of the world was dead. The only survivors were the people that possessed a specific gene which somehow made us immune to the affects of the biowaste material. The rest of the world, the other fourteen trillion people, was dead; simply dead and gone in the course of one night.

As opposed to what most sentient life would think, those of us still alive on this hunk of rock didn't band together to rebuild civilization, we decided to destroy what was left through conventional warfare. We're treating life as a game. Each country is its own team. Free- for- all match, last country alive wins. And we're all laughing. We're not insane… no, not yet… we just don't care.

As I close this entry and get ready to start from the beginning, I know in my mind and heart that I have finally done something right. That hopefully these pages will leave behind memories of me better than the ones I created before this story begins. I lived a life of death and destruction. I killed because I liked it. I fought because I liked it. These seven years have left me a changed man. I leave here for my children and for their children, and for all generations to come, a legacy. My legacy. I hope that the earth shall grow to its full potential and become a paradise. I was a part of the ruination of this planet. And while I have survived the ruination, I do not belong in the new world. I belong in the old one where hate ruled the hearts of mankind and love rarely won. We brought upon ourselves everything that happened to us. We deserved it well. I give this journal, the journal combined of the only two survivors of the holocaust that ended this stage of humanity, to my children. My children will be the ones to rebuild this world. But that is not my story. My story begins with this next entry. This next entry opens eight hours after the morning of the Day of Wrath. All people have come to America to fight. The country is preparing to fight. I have been out of cryogenic stasis for seven hours.

The beginning of the destruction of humanity, starts now.