I see the prostitute with the

gentle eyes.

He smiles back at me, but he looks

so shy.

His body's broken and his heart is


I don't know where he's going,

but I know where he went.

Pass the old corner to find

that smile.

Thought he'd be back by now,

but it took awhile.

The rain began to fall and

still not a sign.

Those green gentle eyes would

never be mine.

Morning came and the sun grew


Wish I could find a way to

have him in my arms.

The same corner is still


The streets were vacant as his

dead green eyes.

Not a person knew.

No, not a person knew.

Not a single person knew...

Nobody even knew his


To them it didn't matter;

it was the same.

The boy on that corner

never was.

They all over-looked him

for what he does.

And there won't be a


His pimp wouldn't pay the


His body would be buried


I still wait around the corner

with my empty stare....