a hit on the head and i was out
my light had been switched.

goodmorning my dear, you said to me.
my eyelids like weights lifted slow and unsteady
my focus met your eyes, but i couldn't recognize them.

my whereabouts where unknown to me
you were the only thing i could see.
you stroked my hair back and my brow relaxed

i had to have known you,
i just couldn't remember.

'an apple tree' you said to me.
this innocent fruit hit your head
you were sleeping like the dead.
what's the matter?' you said.

you are important to me,
that i can see easily,
but i just can't remember.

'come on now, before another one hits you
are you okay love? you look a little blue."

do i love you?
oh well, i seem to.

i jumped into a kiss you couldn't have enjoyed
my lips were cold as ice,
but as a suprise to me,
it happended to jog my memory,
which made things quite nice.

i see you're feeling better now, you said with a laugh.
the blood warmed up my face
and i know i love you.

i always have.