Where do I begin?

Ah yes, it was Friday the thirteenth that day. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was having a very, very bad day – but that's not saying much if you take my luck into consideration. Let me start my story at math class, so that I wouldn't bore you. After all, it's the blind guy we're after.

"Ms. Belle…Why do you never do your homework?"

Of all the teachers, why did I have to get Mr. Browning? I swear he had a grudge against me or something.

"It's just today!"

"You couldn't give five minutes to do the assignment? Not even try to make it? Or maybe you should have just written down the wrong answer – I could have given you some credit for that."

I folded my arms and scowled at him. The rest of the class didn't mind his long speech on my laziness. They've gotten used to it over the course of the year.

"Look at Mr. Aubrey. He is blind – you're perfectly able-bodied. Then tell me how come he's the one with the great grades, Nikola?" He pointed at Cain Aubrey, sitting on his chair.

To tell the truth, I never really understood how Cain caught up with the rest of us. He was unable to see, as Mr. Browning said, but he didn't use Braille. He just listened to the teacher attentively and bang! He gets an A+ on the test, bias or no bias. Maybe it was because the teachers took pity on him: they always took care not to give him any impossible assignments and made special exceptions for him.

Aubrey knew I was behind him – he had to have. He seemed to glance at me and offer an apologetic smile. The same smile that made more than half the hearts at school stop because, despite being blind, Cain Aubrey was still a looker.

If he could see my glare, I swear he'd die of shame.

"Well, I'll try once again to pound into the big head of yours, Ms. Belle, the fact that homework DOES matter in your final grade. Don't expect a B from me." He moved towards the blackboard, finishing his tirade against me.

When the bell rang, Cain stood up and moved his black walking stick around. It looked more like a stylish cane, if you asked me. It was impossible not to stare at Cain – he had auburn colored hair, fair skin and angular features. There was something so charming about what he wore, no matter what it was. Today it was a white-button up shirt and black slacks, with the usual dark shades. He never really dressed down.

I would have shoved my way past him but it would be beyond cruel to watch him fall. With a sigh I moved towards the door, taking care not to get in his way. I still had to go to the library and research on an essay about Greenhouse Gases. Before you ask, yes, I forgot to do my homework in chemistry too.

Before I went to the library, I stopped by at my car to dump everything – well, most – of my things there. I was tempted to go home and do my research at my own computer, but I was pretty sure that I wouldn't be getting any work done at home thanks to the fact that I shared the computer with my older brother. He loved playing games and would rarely, if ever, get off the computer.

So I went off to the library.

Calvin High library was amazing, complete with wireless internet connection for students who brought a laptop/palmtop/whatever along, the latest computers AND it was always impeccably clean. There was never a speck of dirt anywhere.

Nobody but the librarian stayed after school hours, though.

So I walked in and sat at a computer. After an hour or so, the librarian gave me the keys and asked me to lock up afterwards. She had learned to trust me.

After about half an hour more, I was done. I clicked print and shut down the computer.


Hold on, what was that noise? I listened hard again.


That sounded like somebody was typing something. I stared at all the computers in front of me in horror. Was I trapped in here…with ghosts? I had never met them in the million times I had been told to lock up the library after hours before.

My logic told me to go around and look for another breathing human being who might be still in here. It might be a good idea to be quiet too, so that I wouldn't disturb any crazy spirit, if there really was one. After a bit of walking around as silently as I could, I found something so surprising that I could have fainted.

Cain Aubrey.

That in itself was strange; as far as I knew, Cain didn't even KNOW Braille.

But no, it was stranger.

Cain Aubrey, with a Mac in front of him. He was typing something.

"Cain?" My voice felt dry. I had to be hallucinating. But why Cain?

He froze when he heard my voice. He turned to me and for the first time I noticed he was not wearing his shades. His eyes were a really pretty bluish-violet color.

Blind people do NOT use the computer.

"Is that....What are you…"

He just stared at me like I was the freak. Yeah right. Look at the blind guy using the laptop.

"You're not really blind, are you?"


"Then why do you pretend you're blind?" Men. Who understands them?

He just ran his fingers through his hair and sighed. His feet rested on top of the table; he put them down now. He put on his shades again. Weirdo.

"Cain, why do you pretend you're blind?"

"It's best if you didn't know." With that, he walked towards me and gave me a smirk that I've never seen before. His smile had always been sweet and well-tempered, never arrogant like it was now. "You won't tell on me, will you?" He whispered, giving me a kiss on my cheek.