Chapter 1 Enemies

Walking alone down deserted hallways, Beth looked intently at the map she'd brought along with her. She was trying to get to her homeroom class, Magical Studies. It was her first year at secondary school, Nevecolina Training Academy, which trained the students to become warriors, knights or sorcerers, Nevecolina being her country. Shaking her head to clear her thoughts, she examined the map, then walked to the end of the hall and turned left. Looking down again, she saw that her classroom was right at the end of this hallway and excitement nearly made her break into a run. This frightened Beth for a moment, as she fought to gain control of herself. That had never happened before, and she thanked her mother silently for enrolling her in the yoga class over the summer.

Once she was sure she had control of herself, Beth began to walk calmly down the soft yellow walled hall. When she reached the end, she saw a mahogany door with interesting markings around it in an unknown language. This intrigued Beth; there were few languages unknown to her. Gently tracing the nearest marking - which looked something like an eight caught in a pentagon - Beth's eyes moved to a glass doorknob. What had caught her attention was the swirling purple cloud like mist inside it.

It was then when Beth lost complete control of herself again. Without knowing what she was doing, she'd grabbed the doorknob, jumped at the slight shock it gave her and nearly ran into the room. However, she managed to hold back a gasp at her first glance of the room.

It was amazing. The carpet was swirls of thousands of both familiar and unfamiliar colors. The walls were covered in the unknown language that had surrounded the door. And on the ceiling floated an identical purple mist that was inside the doorknob. Beth thought her hazel eyes might fall out looking in awe at this fantasy of a classroom, but she could not turn away.

"Excuse me," came a low calm voice from behind her. "Are you a student?"

"Yes, sir," answered Beth, spinning around automatically, tearing herself away. She fought to hold back a laugh, this teacher looked older than her great-grandmother. And his smooth gray hair was down past his knees; how many hours would it take to brush it? "This will be my homeroom class this year." She continued once she had regained control of herself once more.

"But school doesn't start for another hour!" exclaimed the voice, not as calm as before. His misty purple eyes seemed to darken.

"I know." replied Beth, turning again to gaze at the immaculate purple mist sky.


*buzz* buzz* bu- click*

"Urgh…five more minutes…" the young girl named Tay languidly moaned to no one but herself. She leisurely opened her majestic cobalt eyes and skimmed her bright, eggshell white room. Nothing was in there but a cheap wooden nightstand with an old-fashioned pink alarm clock, coincidently the color she hated most. Tay slowly drifted back to sleep, oblivious that her mother was standing at her doorway, arms crossed and evidently upset.

"Tay…Tay…….TAY!!! WAKE UP!!" Tay's mother was clearly infuriated at her slowly awakening daughter. Tay slowly brushed back her long blue hair and sat up sleepily. She looked around dazedly at the almost empty white apartment. It had been that way since Tay and her mother moved in a year ago.

"Listen here Tay! I got you into an expensive school for only elite students! I swear if you get into trouble justonce, I'll kick you out of this family and put you out onto the streets so that the Disciplinary School can get you!" Her face was ice-cold; Tay knew she was serious.

"Alright, I'm going now mom…I promise you won't be getting any trouble from me!" Tay forced a bright smile on her face, but her mother knew better.

"Right now you should be panicking about being late for the first day of school. Now hurry up! God, how did I get stuck with such a care-free child?" Tay's mother sighed heavily and slowly walked away to her own bedroom to lie down.

Tay then got dressed as fast as she could with clothes that were just lying around consisting of unmatched green and orange striped socks, a black sweater, dark blue jeans, and flip flops. She then sprinted out the door at mach-speed, went through a couple arbitrary backyards by jumping over their fences, then over one of the school's fences, and finally ran into a teacher, all in five minutes.

Tay swiftly asked for directions to her classroom and the teacher smiled amiably and gently directed Tay to the correct classroom. Getting lost several times along the way, Tay finally pulled out the rough map the teacher had scribbled for her. Realizing where she was, she ran to the nearest corner and turned left, looked at the right side of the hallway and found her classroom.

She entered quickly and sat down at the only seat which was left, located at the front of the class. Feeling awkward from all the stares especially from the geeky girl she was going to have to sit next too - who was giving her threatening glares – Tay sat down. She then patiently waited for the teacher to go on with the lesson and the girl beside her to stop glaring at her. Then she slowly drifted back to sleep once again, without taking a single glance at the odd variations of colors and symbols surrounding her.


Transfixed by the long talk the teacher was giving them, it was a few minutes before Beth heard the soft groans coming from beside her. When she did, Beth was disgusted when she saw the girl sitting beside her snoring on the open textbook. She bristled when she saw drool sliding from her companion's mouth into a small pool on the textbook.

To wake her up, Beth prodded her sharply in the shoulder, which only made her groan louder. When Beth knew the teacher, Mr Pochirk hadn't heard it, Beth prodded her harder with the edge of her pencil, which did nothing but make the snores louder again. Losing her temper, Beth grabbed her glasses case and hit the girl - what was her name? Tal? - hard on the head, which made a startled yell echo around the room, followed by an even louder thump.

"What is going on?" demanded a sharp low voice behind them. Beth gulped as she turned around in her seat to face Mr Pochirk's blazing purple eyes.


"What the hell?! Why'd you go and hit me like that?!" Tay was incredibly annoyed and exhausted from only getting 13 hours sleep that day. Never mind that the shock of the rude awakening had caused her to fall upon the hard floor.

"You! Tay, was it?" said a now cold voice behind her. "What do you think your doing interrupting my class for a second time?! You arrived late, came unprepared without even a writing utensil, no uniform on, fall asleep in my class and now finally I was able to start class normally you fall on the ground?!"

He had gone over the edge, and it was still only the first day of school. Tay could already tell staying in this school would become a challenge. She knew she needed to fix what she had done and fast.

"I give you my sincerest apology teacher. Why don't you cool down a bit first? Your face has gone as red as a tomato. I apologize for what I did, I didn't get much sleep today, but what about her?" Tay pointed to the girl sitting innocently in her chair. "She's the one who really disturbed the class. I would have silently woken up if the girl beside me was hadn't hit me! It was because of her that I yelled. I understand if I get in trouble but do you think it's fair that she gets away with it?" Tay responded as coolly as she could, trying not to offend the teacher, yet getting revenge at Beth for hitting her.

"Alright both of you will stay after classes and clean all 150000 acres of the school without using magic…even though I doubt you have the brain capacity to do any spells."

"What?" exclaimed the girl who sat beside her. "Please, sir, I only woke her for your sake. I don't think –" But the girl stopped when Mr. Pochirk turned slowly to face her.

"That's quite enough, Beth." He said, shortly.

He then stared down at Tay with those beady purple eyes as if saying Tay was stupid. Tay was outraged by his sneering, arrogant attitude, however even more outraged by the fact she had to clean the whole school. Beth was also staring at Tay in a similar way, her eyes boring into hers. Another enemy, thought Tay, but before she could try to make amends, the bell rang. And it was the girl beside her, Beth who was first to leave the classroom, without saying a word to Tay, her pale green hair whipping behind her. Knowing why Beth was in such a temper, Tay sighed, got to her feet and followed suit.