content with perfection.
she fell upon a gold mine of opportunity
just one peek and it engulfed her.
within moments she was happy as could be,
she couldn't dream of bliss coming so easily.

she found him.
(or he found her is more correct)

once stuck in guilt ridden love.
she let her words speak her heart,
and then she was free,
but still a bit guilty.

she could not say that she had loved another
because she knew the other could not love her.
but in fact when she pryed
she found a surprise,
that couldn't let her sleep from excitement.

she fell opun a gold mine of opportunity.
she said that words and he had heard
and wasted no time in make her his.
he found her,

and now she was alive
a fire burned inside because
it was easy to see that he loved her.
yes, it was known to the strangers.

content with perfect,
she knows nothings perfect,
but it's perfect while it lasts.