My Heart

My heart shatters like glass

My soul rips apart

My world goes crazy without you...

I scream as I die inside

Somebody, please, please save me!

Can I live on with you by my side?

Oh no I can't go on!

I hear nothing as you leave

My heart, my love, my world breaks apart

Tell me how I can go on?

How can I go on through my life without you?

Oh baby, please…Come back to me…

My heart can't possibly rebuild…

My mind floats back…

To the gold days of you and I

I remember our past, but do you?

An empty life without of you

No, I can't go on!

Not without you, please oh baby

Please return back to me…

Maybe…maybe someday…

My tears will leave

You and I are still in love in the past

So maybe I can go on

Maybe I can live another day, without you?

Baby, it'll be hard without you!

But I'll try to live on!

Once more I think of you!

Once more my eyes cry

But once more I know, you'll be with my always…

I can't forget you, but I can let go

You were my world, my heart, my soul

But I know you're still me!

I can rebuild! Another life for me one day…