Txtin Poem

There once was a girl, in the fine month of May

Who didn't like reading, but texted all day

No cell phones or texting was her only fear

Her phone bills were huge, three million a year

When it came to the touch-screen, her hands were quite deft

But no at school, her grades were all F's

She never had a life or reality

And only depended on a gigantic salary

"Enough!" Her father cried after losing his job

"No more texting, or else we'll go to the dogs!"

The girl cried and moaned, kicked and screamed

This was far worse than she could ever dream

She sobbed with anguish, "Dnt d/ thz 2 mi!"

Crying with horror as she fell to her knees

"You've lost your language!" Her dad blew a fit.

"We can't understand your words, no, not one bit!

You've butchered your English and devoweled your words

Executed your adjectives and crucified your verbs

How could you do that to such noble things!?

Now I'm gonna ground you whenever your stupid phone rings!"

Ever after the girl would not stop screaming or moaning

And that is why texting is far worse than smoking.