I See Freedom by AndromedaMarine

I see freedom, yet not far away
But taking forever as the skies turn grey.
Almost tangible, is my hope,
Even as I climb up the slippery slope.

I see freedom, that mocking design
Hoping to keep me from what's truly mine.
Time, barrier, bars what will come,
Until the day arrives, suddenly, quantum.

I see freedom, awaiting for me
Like the sun awaits, sinking, across the sea.
Message ablaze, a simple shine
That last wink of sunlight, a ray so divine.

I see freedom, twinkling from afar
A tear on the skin that remains as a scar,
Bitter memory to be seen,
And will never fade, unlike any machine.

I see freedom, so long out of reach,
Blockaded by fear, one I'm longing to breach.
Held back in torment from freedom,
Until the herald comes – it's now my kingdom.

I see freedom, a vision of joy,
Now with no daemon to always annoy.
Not long till I have such a gift,
But please, my dear friend, you need not be miffed.

I see freedom but an inch away,
Now moving fast as the skies turn grey.
Barely tangible, is that hope,
And I'm no longer on that slippery slope.